Caregiving Happiness Project: December Action

piggy_bank_8881We welcome December today which means we’re ready to set a new goal in our Caregiving Happiness Project.

For December, let’s invest. Let’s invest in our day, our relationships, our future.

This month, how will you invest?

Please tell us how you’ll branch out in our comments section, below.

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    I want to invest in learning more CNA tasks and doing them well and with less stress. I am always afraid Mom will get hurt under my “watch” or care. If I watch our new CNA more I can learn more I think. Yep! There’s my December – albeit end of the month – investment.

  2. I truly want to invest in learning to be more patient with my Mom’s symptoms of alzheimers. I feel horrible at times that I can’t handle everything. I want to invest more in the love and time I have left with her. My heart breaks for her and I truly do not know what I can do to help her anymore….Ian

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      Hi Ian–We so understand the feeling of powerlessness, of feeling helpless to the disease process. It’s so hard to handle it all. Being with your mom is the best help you can offer to her. Your presence is what your mom needs most.

      One of our members (Bob, who cares for his wife) said this to me during one of our podcasts: “You don’t have to be tough every moment. You just have to be tough this moment.”

      It’s one moment at a time.

      Please keep us posted as you can.


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