Did Mom Make the Kreis Christmas Dinner Party?

tree_ornaments_merry_christmas_1Did she? Did Mom Make the Kreis Christmas Dinner Party?

That’s a story that needs to be told slowly instead of rushed into, so light the fire or turn on the Yule Log channel on TV like we did. Sit back, put your feet up and relax because here is how it went.

It was a warm December’s eve and everyone was stirring from cookies and candies. When six o’clock rang on the old Cook Coo clock everyone said, “Come on, do you think we should start opening presents now, the salmon will be ready soon.”  Well I tried to make it festive.

Anyway, after this past weekend’s big family party and (other brother) Jimmy not able to make it, which is usually her ride over, I was waiting all day for a call saying, “Richard I just can’t make it.”  I did receive a call around ten and to my surprise it was Mom with a Christmas greeting and to say she would show.

As the night ran on and into six, everyone was there except the mom (I was not going to say Grinch). So the chatter began about starting on time, I disagreed and asked for for some time, just a few minutes is all that I need to try and call Mom, then we’ll do as they please.

I called her quick only to hear her machine and left her a message saying Merry Christmas indeed. But right as I was done there was such a knock and this little old lady look like she would drop. For only forty five feet from car to front door caused her a wheezing which sounded like a snore. She made it to two Christmas parties this year, with how she’s been doing it is quite a shock, but without Mom here, Christmas would almost be a flop.

She’s doing OK, even though that’s an act. We are all hoping this new med will take hold and make her New Year energizing and bold. 2014 will be everything she needs to help get her out of this funk that has a hold on her indeed. With all our support and that of the shrink, she be back to the old Mom in a matter of weeks. And even if not, she is still my mom and I will be there for her no matter what path she’s on.

So Merry Christmas to all and a great New Year, spend it with family and lots of cheer.

– Happy Holidays.

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My name is Richard (@kreisr1), I am a Tri-Fecta caregiver, for my mother who has COPD among other health issues. I co-care for my brother in-law who has epilepsy and co-care with my wife's for myself, I deal with Chronic Back Pain.entire life and now after living alone, in a care facility and a group home setting we had to move him in with us to provide him with the care he needs.  Finally, with my wife who is also my co-caregiver I care for myself, I have had chronic pain (mid-low back) for 21-1/2 years thanks to a drunk driver.  I write my own blog, pickyourpain.org where I share my pain with humor, as I see thing, "Pain Without Humor is Just Painful."  I am involved with caregiving.com in several ways, as well as participating in several of the weekly caregiving.com blogs, I also am involved in their Twitter chats, I also host the following groups, SPOT (Stamp Procrastination Out Today), A Task A Day, The Men's Group, Healthy Caregiver and several others.  I am also the moderator for the Caregiving.com Quiz Show and have a seat on the bi-monthly Hot Topic's show. I'm here to not only improve Roberts life, the lives of those I touch on caregiving.com and pickyourpain.org but to find a way to improve my own live.

9 thoughts on “Did Mom Make the Kreis Christmas Dinner Party?

    • Profile photo of RichardRichard Post author

      And may our paths cross again with those friends so many miles away. Have a wonderful new year. I nominate 2014 as the year of the caregiver. Do I hear a second?

  1. Profile photo of ThedogmamaThedogmama

    I second that motion! Am so glad Mom showed up! These old gals can put on a good show when they try. It’s us caregivers who really know what is behind the mask. Really makes it tough for us to keep our game faces on at times, don’t you think.

    May 2014 be one of healing and health for you all Richard.

    • Profile photo of RichardRichard Post author

      TheDogMama, Agree 110%. As a caree myself there are many days I put on that face for other and for myself. It does make it easier to see it when she try’s to pull it off, I give her some rope, just not to much. Have a great 2014 and may it truly be the year of the caregiver. *

  2. Profile photo of DeniseDenise

    So glad to hear about your wonderful holiday. It’s hard if there’s an empty chair at the table, so I’m glad your table was full.

    We’re ready for 2014!! I have a feeling 2014 will be awesome. :)

    • Profile photo of RichardRichard Post author

      That is so very true. Thank you for all your support, kind words and thoughts. Here’s wishing you and your family all the best in 2014.



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