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How Was Your Day Today?

Ornaments010How did you do today? What was the toughest part of your day? What when easier than you thought? What will you bring into tomorrow?

Tell us about your day (and tell us all of it) in our comments section, below.

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  1. Avatar of Richard

    Good Evening Everyone,

    My day was long. We were up earlier than normal so Trish could make it to the hospital before the doctors made their rounds. With the cold spell we’re having phones were busy, again. Mid-Morning was able to get my hair cut and then right into the hospital to be there with Robert so Trish could get into work for a bit. All the while phone were going none stop. Trish arrived back around 2:30pm, we grabbed a a mid afternoon lunch and then I was off to take care of Oz and Taz. More phones of course. Finally, get some house chores done that need it, feed dogs, let’s dogs out, dogs “Taz” wants to play, and even more. Finally Taz calms down and Trish walks in, really? Now to get a few work items completed and then finally time to relax with Trish and the dog and guys I said, “RELAX.” That in a nut shell was my day.

  2. Avatar of Gail Kroll

    My day was good. At first there was the three pain patches to negotiate and the meds. And food and the vitamins. All taken at various times. But? I was anxious about going back to Mom’s former oncologist. She was going to give us a second opinion. And she did it graciously. In fact? I hadn’t liked her much before during the four years she was Mom’s oncologist and then we changed? When we asked her if she would once again take Mom’s case? She said she had never considered Mom NOT to be her patient. Wow! What class. I felt calmer. I don’t know why. I think Mom does too. So now? Nothing has changed. Mom doesn’t probably have more than a year to live but at least it will be a quality year and not a messed up one!

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