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Number Two


Number Two

Pain sculpts your face

as your head gently creases the pillow.

You close your eyes and hope for sleep,

I sit near and struggle to breathe.

My impotence suffocates me,

I am drowning.

Life again weighs heavily on us both,

but we will lift it again. Somedays

I lift more, most days you lift it all.

Pain reflects between us

like a candle flame

burns the skin.

Yet we grasp tighter,

hand in hand. Tighter,

ever tighter.

Sleep now little one.

Like the sun, I promise to be there when you wake. Like

the sun my promise burns forever,



About Bob Marcotte

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WHAT ABOUT BOB? My name is Bob Marcotte, and I am a musician, photographer, author and caregiver. Unlike my other job titles, the caregiver job title came without training and with little notice. Now, it’s the job title I am most proud of. I live in California with my wife, Carole, who is still recovering from her massive surgeries. We are guarded and kept company by our two dogs and a cat, all rescued animals. After the Stanford medical miracle, perhaps Carole can be considered ‘rescued’, too. You can contact us at . ABOUT THE BOOK If everyone's life is a book, and every day a page, then there are some days that deserve to be dog-eared. Your high school graduation, your wedding day, the birth of your children, and the day that your doctor discusses cancer with you for the first time. I wrote "You Mean, Besides the Cancer?" to vent frustration, to keep hold of my sanity, and hopefully help future caregivers. If you are a caregiver, or about to be one, this book can hopefully shortcut the learning curve that sliced me to shreds. This book is the story of my wife's cancer and our journey through the medical system that eventually led us to one of the most cutting edge, lifesaving surgeries on earth. You can buy the book on our blog or online at the usual online bookstores. The price of the e-book is $1.99. It's as low as they'd let be price it. This book was not written to make money. Our blog is


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    Very well said and so lovely, Bob.

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