Peace On Earth


Wishing you all comfort and peace this holiday season.

May the help you need be there for you.
May the acceptance you seek for self and caree be granted you.
May health care professionals listen to you.
May solutions be within your grasp.
May you and your caree be soothed.
May your care and efforts be acknowledged.
May your medical team communicate and coordinate.
May the support you need be there for you.
May you truly have a safe space to be vulnerable.

Blessings and (((Hugs))) to you and yours.
Thank you for being there.

(Photos all come from our neighborhood. Against a sunset backdrop: bunny, lily, mockingbird, and giant swallowtail butterfly.)
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Ejourneys cares for her partner, who has MS that acts like traumatic brain injury.  Author of Caregiving in Five Lines (all proceeds from sales benefit and contributor to several CareGifters anthologies, ejourneys is a panelist on Your Caregiving Journey's "Hot Topics" show.  She manages the groups Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered Caregivers; MS Caregivers; and Caregivers Create; and is a co-founder of VRide.

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