2014 All Shiny and Bright

Here we go again. In May 2013, I wrote a blog looking forward to the end cas firewoks (2)of an overlapping year of mishaps and mayhem. We see how well the second half of 2013 went for us! Now, once again we begin a New Year. 2014, all bright and shiny and new. Full of promise, full of hope.

No matter how many times a year, a span of time disappoints, I still love certain milestones. I love New Years.    love my birthday, I always think of that as the start of my own personal New Year. And then, of course, spring; who doesn’t love spring? Plants peek their heads out of the ground, soon to bloom. The birds are chirping, busy building their nests, ready to welcome their new little ones. Signs of new beginnings.

Yes, indeed, there are these occasions that beg our attention. Our positive attention. Look around and see all the possibilities–new adventures, new challenges and new hope. It’s been an extremely difficult year, that 2013, for so many of us in this caregiving family and our Carees. But that is done, over, gone.

Now, once more we turn our focus forward, to the future. A future, however, uncertain that to some extent we do have control over, one we can help to shape. We have lessons learned, new skills developed. I’m ready fordove whatever 2014 holds and in spite of still being in the midst of our current crisis, I refuse to look backward.  I refuse to carry a dismal pallor into 2014. Perhaps I’m being a tad pollyanna-ish, absurdly optimistic. But a new year and a new outlook suit me just fine.

I wish to you all, my caregiving family a Happy, Healthy and Blessed New Year!


3 thoughts on “2014 All Shiny and Bright

  1. Avatar of Gail KrollGail Kroll

    oh Pegi! I wish I could see my world so optimistically! I am more earthly bound I think. I’m not saying Mom will only have this year to live? But no more than two years and I am grateful for that time too believe me but she herself is limited. And I am afraid we can see an end to our talks. An end to our bright future which we enjoy right now together. We don’t need much. Don’t want much. But? I shall cherish what we do have believe me. The rose colored glasses? The rest upon our shelf though. Love you so much! Gail

  2. Avatar of DeniseDenise

    Hi Pegi–I’ve learned over the years that hope isn’t dependent on external circumstances but upon internal audacity. We dare to hope which is how we keep the hope. And, we hope that each day brings us moments that matter.

    Wishing that moments that matter continue to bless you and Jim each and every day.


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