How Was Your Day?

winter_scene_2Our snow finally ended this afternoon. The white stuff began falling on New Year’s Eve at about 2:30 in the afternoon and stopped just about 48 hours later. Once snow leaves, though, we get cold. And, cold it is.

How was your day? What tripped you up? How did you catch yourself before a fall? What’s the blessing you will bring into your tomorrow?

Please feel free to tell us about your day in the comments section, below.

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4 thoughts on “How Was Your Day?

  1. Avatar of RichardRichard

    My day, well lets see it started out at 4:15 am when I woke up wide awake, in pain from sleeping with my legs up (edema) and all that extra pressure being placed on my back and my nose was 100% stuffed. Then work was one of the busier days for the winter, and the boss keep changing things so I had to call people 3-4 times and re-set the appointments. On top of that the dogs were in extra speed mode today, when Charlie came to visit New Years Evening they were run, run, run and then Wednesday they were extra sluggish. I would say they have their energy back and they want to play, dad just want’s a doggie nap. I did learn from Jane that instead of setting resolutions for the entire year, set goals for a quarter of the year or even just a month, then when the time you set is complete, renew, change or just eliminate your goal. Thank you Jane for those amazing tips. Happy New Year to All.

  2. Avatar of Gail KrollGail Kroll

    I had been sleep deprived for a few days. Denise keeps on suggesting to get enough sleep. And Mom encouraged it too. So for a full hour between 5-6 pm I was in a deep sleep and awoke refreshed. Catch a nap while you can I know now. The world looks so different with sleep under your belt!

  3. Avatar of PegiPegi

    Started rough, when my husband woke me up about 3 AM, his blood sugar took a sudden drop, hit 52. Did the OJ, pbj sandwich and got it up to 127. His shingle pain has been hitting him hard since New Year’s Eve. Alternate howling, pain meds and sugar checks. Another steep drop to 42 in the middle of the afternoon. Thank God, he feels these. Call to PCP, nurse coming in AM. Been able to get some relief from his tylenol/cod and benadryl. Finally sleeping soundley Thursday night. BLessing, we did not have to go back to ER. We were able to manage with guidance at home. I need to realize the usual bounce back is not going to happen. It will, but it will be awhile. The pain keeps him from PT and he has very little upper body strength. Where his xfers used to be lift and move, they’re temporarily just a slide. Needs much more assistance. Just have to dust off the cobwebs to “sleep when the baby” sleeps mode! We’ll get there.

    • Avatar of DeniseDenise Post author

      Hi Pegi–I am so sorry for Jim’s pain. What a difficult few days for you guys. I love your perspective–you’ll get there. Thanks so much for keeping us posted.


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