How Was Your Day?

A_Winter_SunsetSo, how did you do today?

What was difficult? What did you enjoy? What did you accomplish?

Please tell us about your day in our comments section, below. Thank you so much for taking the time to share with us.

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8 thoughts on “How Was Your Day?

  1. Avatar of Gail KrollGail Kroll

    I took such a deep nap that I forgot I was caregiving Mom she is doing so well. We are getting along so well too. There is sort of a routine now. Our CNA is our perfect aid. She helps in all the right ways. I don’t know what we did without her before. She is flexible too. And so amenable. Thank God for angels in the world like her.

  2. Avatar of RichardRichard

    My day, today went okay. I woke up with a flat, wait rephrase that, I woke up to a flat on my car. Work was constantly busy and finally slowed down at 5:14pm. On the other side of the coin Robert had several doctors appointments today and bye the time he was done he would have only been at program 2-1/2hrs so decided to just keep him home. Extra long break with New Years. Overall on a scale, I would rate it around a 6-7ish.

  3. Avatar of donnadonna

    This has been an especially difficult week for us. On Monday evening, I was on my way to the grocery store when I got a frantic call from our 12 year old son. My husband had fallen in the bathroom…and somehow taken the toilet with him. As I raced home, I told him where to find the water shutoff valve. Because the toilet and my husband were in the way, he was unable to locate it immediately. When I arrived, my husband was stuck on the floor, sitting in water and soiled pants. The water had seeped into the hallway carpet, linen closet, and our son’s closet where we store the boxes of dialysis solution. Maintenance arrived quickly, and helped get my husband up. I put my husband in the shower while maintenance left to get supplies to fix the toilet. We were all fairly traumatized by the experience. After maintenance finally left a couple hours later, we were overwhelmed with the clean-up. Around this time, I realized I had a raging fever and started having awful chills. I spent the next few hours huddled under three blankets, willing myself to get up and start cleaning. A professional water clean-up crew arrived the next morning to finish extracting the water, and clean the carpets. I’m still struggling to get through the normal responsibilities of the day, since I’m still very sick. My husband woke up sick yesterday morning. Thanks for letting me whine for a little bit. :)

    • Avatar of DeniseDenise Post author

      I am so glad you stopped by to tell us about your week, Donna. Cause that’s a week to let go off. :)

      I also wish we could come over and help. I hope you all feel better tomorrow. Better days are on their way to you. I see them coming.

    • Kari

      Wow, that sounds rough. It must be hard to take care of someone that physically disabled. I’ve been caring for my fiancé for about 8 years since he had a failed back surgery. He now had intractable pain, which is constant severe pain. The hardest part for me is dealing with his anger towards me and the world for not helping him get better, and causing him to get worse. I clean up lots of messes and still can’t keep the place liking amd feeling nice. I get overwhelmed with all the work, just cleaning up after him. I often think that I would trade places with just about anyone. I hope this site can help , i just needed to vent. Is it the average that the sick person gets so angry at the caregiver?

  4. kevin

    I cared for my parents for eight years and could not work due to my fathers demands. I have been with a wonderful woman for 17 years who was diagnosed 2 yrs ago with M.S. She has become irrational and I am told by our MS support group she is exhibiting signs of bi-polar and manic depressive. She is seeing a psychiatrist and family counselor. Now she is telling me to either move out or get with her program. What can I do as she blows up at me and swears at me( something she has never done), and tells me I can move out at any time. I love her and proposed to her before all this started, not that this makes a difference, I am getting to the end of my rope. There seem to be support groups for other caregivers, but not MS Caregivers…Where do I go? HELP PLEASE>>>>>>>>

    • Avatar of DeniseDenise Post author

      Hi Kevin, I’m so sorry for all this. What a nightmare it must feel–trying to understand how to help and not having what you need to help.

      What suggestions does the support group leader for the MS group offer to you? And, have you been able to connect with other family caregivers of MS patients?

      You also can contact the national offices of the MS organizations:

      My other suggestion would be to contact NAMI and ask what resources and information they can provide which can help you:

      Please keep us posted.

    • Kari

      Hi Kevin I am the caregiver for my fiancé who had intractable pain, which is constant pain, ADD, characteristics of bipolar, and several health issues. No one helps me at all. His mother will give a tiny bit of help sometimes by taking him to a doctors appointment. He is very angry at me most of the time. I spend most of my time taking care of or cleaning up after him. It is a hard life. Just know that going into it. It’s even harder when the person you care for is irrational and angry. I don’t know if it’s normal for the sick person to become angry amd blame the caregiver, but that’s what I’m dealing with. Maybe love conquers all. If she is willing to go to counseling, try that, but always love yourself. Love and care for yourself.


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