If It’s Not One Worry, It’s Another

Last year about this time there was a lot to report about Dean’s health. They had increased his blood pressure medicine, instead of putting him on another one, when his pressures were measuring more than usual. Then they doubled it again.

He gradually started showing increased symptoms of dementia. He was more forgetful, sleeping and falling more and eating less. He was even having wild dreams and hallucinating about them when he was awake.

The medical team thought it was just his dementia getting worse. They even did a brain scan and sent him out of town to a university geriatrics psychiatrist to evaluate his status and the meds he was on. This new “expert” just casually mentioned dropping the blood pressure medicine and I relayed that suggestion to his practitioner back home.

We took him off that one medicine and voila! He made a complete turn around and within a week was back to his normal self. Who would have thought? (I guess I don’t have to remind you caregivers to keep an eye on those meds!)

As I reflect on this medical event, I have to say that we are fortunate to enjoy the health we have had this past year. There has been nothing major in quite some time.

What I worry about these days is finances. I better not get started on that. With Social Security’s measly 1.5% cost of living increase, it’s probably just enough to knock us off our $15 monthly food supplement and energy assistance.

Thank you, Uncle Sam. You aren’t a very good Santa. (like my husband here :)




6 thoughts on “If It’s Not One Worry, It’s Another

  1. Avatar of DeniseDenise

    Hi Teresa–I love the photo! :) The worries about the finances can feel like that dark cloud that hangs over every day. And, it can feel like a rock and hard place to keep under a certain level but above another so you can have the help. UGH!

    Always good to hear from you. Any goals for 2014?

    • Teresa Thompson

      Thanks for thinking up a title. Had to send it really quick and forgot to give it one.

      I’m working on those goals!

      (The clean-shaven face was part of my birthday present. So I like the photo too!)

  2. Avatar of EllysGdaughterEllysGdaughter

    Hi Teresa, It is so good to hear that the BP meds were causing all the problems. We have the same issues here – BP for anyone over 60 years of age can be 160/ whatever!!! It is important that the blood gets circulated and it can’t do that through those old arteries if they are suppressed!! Hurray and looking forward with you to 2014!

  3. Avatar of PegiPegi

    Teresa, so glad to hear so much was solved with a review of meds. We went through the same thing with my husband almost a year ago. Seems the BP meds are notorious his old doctor had him on too many and he was always weak, pale and cold. One problem solved, yay!. EG makes a very good point, we saw the same thing on the news recently. Apparently there are some docs that have not got the memo! We were totally underwhelmed here too with the “increase” in our SS. If this is suppose to be a cost of living increase, would love to know where these folds live! Hoping you have a good 2014.

  4. Avatar of ejourneysejourneys

    Thank goodness the psychiatrist had a clue! I’m very glad that was a straightforward issue to resolve — once it was recognized for what it was. Love the photo — I hope 2014 brings you some relief and peace.


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