In Six Words, What’s It Like to Fight Red Tape?

redtapeI’m kinda in a battle this week with a non-profit who only wants to do work if they receive grant to do the work. In other words, they actually receive a salary to do work but they’ll only really do work if they receive more money to do it.


Larry’s update and his debacle getting paid reminds me that red tape surrounds us all. And, that red tape just sticks more frustration and aggravation to a stressful day.

So, what the heck? Let’s write six-word stories about what it’s like to fight red tape. Here’s mine:

I get redder as tape thickens.

Please share yours in our comments section, below.

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4 thoughts on “In Six Words, What’s It Like to Fight Red Tape?

  1. Avatar of RichardRichard

    Take your choice:

    Float like Butterfly, Sting like Bee.

    Like a fish out of water.

    Depends on the day I’m having.

    Battle of wits with in-armed person. (Sometimes)

    Two steps forward, One step back.

    Up the river without a paddle.

    Oh, I thought you said, “Give us six ways you feel when fighting red tape. My bad. @richard


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