robins-05Caregiving can feel like life’s winter–slippery, cold, dark. One long day follows another. It’s so hard to get out to the house much less out of town. The blizzards of bad news block your view of the future. You struggle to warm your freezing heart.

When, you wonder, will spring arrive?

In other words, you’re looking for your robin, the sign of winter’s end, that warmth and better days will soon be here.

Know that you are your life’s Batman, that you have the power to brighten your own dark days, solve the pressing case, liven your moments with your own capers, capture the criminal that steals your happiness.

You could wait for your robin. But, why? You’ve got all the power to make your days better within your reach. You’re Batman; you can bring spring right into your winter.


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Jan 8, 2014

I love the robin analogy. We don’t see them where I am in So Fl, but from the time I was a child, as long as she was around, my Mother pointed out or reported the first robin of the year.