So Far, What’s the Biggest Caregiving Problem You’ve Resolved?

puzzle-210785_640Over the weekend, I had an interesting discussion with my brother-in-law about his parents, who’ve had health issues the past few years. He said his dad is feeling much better now that his doctor adjusted one of his meds. For about a year, his dad was winded walking from one end of the house to the other. He saw his primary care doctor and his specialists, none of whom could pinpoint the cause or solve the problem.

The solution to the problem actually came from a stranger in a parking lot. My brother-in-law’s father was walking in a parking lot, resting every few feet because of the shortness of breath. A stranger approached him and explained that his dad had a similar problem and that adjusting a med (the beta blocker) resolved the shortness of breath. A doctor’s appointment and med adjustment later, his dad feels much better.

Amazing what an encounter with a family caregiver will do.

We’ve got a parking lot full of family caregivers here. So, let’s capture your collective wisdom by sharing your solutions to your toughest caregiving problems. Your solution could be just what another family caregiver needs.

So, tell us: What’s been your most pressing caregiving problem that you’ve resolved? Please share your problems and solutions in our comments section, below.

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5 thoughts on “So Far, What’s the Biggest Caregiving Problem You’ve Resolved?

  1. Avatar of Gail KrollGail Kroll

    I think the biggest problem I’ve resolved is having Mom’s pills replaced with patches. Mom could not swallow pills anymore. So? The doctor said no problem. And then? All I do is change three patches three days and seven days. It works! great

  2. Avatar of TrishTrish

    The biggest caregiving problem we have resolved is moving Robert in with us. We couldn’t find a facility that was the best fit for him (assisted living or Board & Care) or that was the best fit for me, frankly. The best solution was moving him in with us and cutting out the middle man.

  3. Avatar of PegiPegi

    Putting together the right team of doctors to care for the multitude of health issues my husband has. By a fluck we moved and after extensive research I found the perfect PCP to “quaterback” his team. She reviewed his meds, and as we suspected he had serious issues from being over medicated. As the months and trips to the hospital have gone by we’ve managed to weed out the bad ones, and find better ones. We have a team of specialists now that we are both happy with. They all have my husbands best interest at heart and take time to explain things to us. If you don’t feel a doctor is giving you the time or proper advice, you’re probably right. Do some research and move on.

  4. Avatar of JanetJanet

    The biggest caregiving problem we have solved is having my DR telling het she could do more. And it’s like the light came on and she is doing more for herself. This has made my life and my husband life a little easier.


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