The Alien in Our House

alienMy husband has dyslexia, so he’s never been a reader. He peruses the newspaper (yes, we still get a daily paper) and if he reads anything, it’s an article in the business section.

My husband doesn’t like to swim. He grew up in a house with a pool, was certified as a diver, was even a lifeguard, but has always told me he doesn’t like to swim. Over the years I’ve seen him lounge in the water, especially if it’s a jacuzzi, but he’s never gone swimming.

My husband doesn’t care for sour gummy candies. He likes popcorn, candied apples, and nuts more than most candies.

However, our son and I have noticed a lot of different things in the last few months, things that don’t fit. It all started in November when “Steve” not only began reading a book, but when asked what he was going to do would tell us that he was going to read. What??? Good, yes, but weird. Very, very weird.

As the reading continued, we became very suspicious. Then one day “Steve” announced that he was going to go to the gym and go swimming! Steve has had a gym membership as part of his health insurance for a couple of years and he’s only been once, plus he hates to swim!

And then there’s the food. Pretty much nothing is safe in the house including sour candies! In the evening, anything that doesn’t move runs the risk of being eaten. Our son has taken to hiding food so I created a snack basket from which “Steve” could eat anything. Sometimes that works, and sometimes that doesn’t.

Obviously, although this person looks like Steve, it isn’t. It just can’t be. For one thing, he’s on his third business related book since November!

We watch TV. We know what’s going on. Either this person is a spy, a very bad one, who looks like Steve but doesn’t know he’s also supposed to act like him or he’s an alien. We’ve watched close to every Star Trek episode, so we know that sometimes an alien assumes the identity of a person.  Obviously we were sent a trainee. Further evidence that this is a novice is that we have asked directly if he are an alien and he said he was. What experienced alien would do that?

Steve saw his neurologist earlier this month. He was thrilled that Steve’s been reading. It seems the doctor is in on it, too.

We’re getting used to it, so for now life with our resident alien is just fine.

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5 Comments on "The Alien in Our House"

Profile photo of Trish
Jan 27, 2014

G-J, This was hilarious! I love how you actually asked “Steve” if he was an alien. :-) Who knows what’s up but it sounds like you are all going with the flow. I think your son needs his own snack basket – in fact, I think I need one of those! Keep us posted on the alien.

Profile photo of EllysGdaughter
Jan 29, 2014

What a delightful turn of events! I hope you enjoy the “new” Steve, alien or not :) Isn’t life just one adventure after another? I love the snack basket idea, we have a dish of chocolates out for Elly that we try to keep refilled!

Profile photo of Pegi
Jan 29, 2014

GJ, this is too much! Alien Steve sounds like a fun kind of guy. Great post, thanks for sharing.

Profile photo of Kathy
Feb 1, 2014


I’m sitting on our Hospice Room next to Hubby drinking some coffee. He is sleeping peacefully and is unresponsive. I laughed out loud so that I actually thought I was going to disturb him! LOL!!

I watch Star Trek also, keep an eye on that alien and hide the candy!
Big Hugs!!

Profile photo of Denise
Feb 1, 2014

This is fascinating to me, G-J. Makes me wonder what has caused the changes? It’s also fantastic because he’s engaged and enjoying two great activities. You’re doing all the right things!! I wonder if you could create a few internal changes for me. I would love to be able to play the guitar and speak French. Could you visit me for a few months? I think you have are the magic that makes us magical. :)