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Update: End of 2013

New_YearThursday: Leftovers today. Plus we played phase 10.

Friday: Dialysis today. Pharmacy today.

Saturday: Regular cares today. My friend’s parents came to town today. We went through Rotary Lights with over 2.6 million led lights.

Sunday: Regular cares. Mom’s leg seems to not be weeping anymore will see what they say about wraps on Monday at dialysis.

Monday: Woke up to a wind chill of -30 and predicted to fall to -35 with snow by noon. Dialysis and chiropractor today.

Tuesday: New Year’s Eve We took this as a day to rest. My friend had a party with a bunch of disabled friends. Mom and I went to some friends from church for New Year’s Eve festivities. This will be a short night as it is about 1AM to bed need up at 7 AM to get mom ready for dialysis.

Happy New Year 2014

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  1. Avatar of Denise

    Happy New Year, Larry!! I hope 2014 brings you just what you need. :)

    (It’s been snowing in Chicago for just about 24 hours. Once the snow ends, I think bitter cold arrives. How are you guys managing?)

  2. Avatar of Pegi

    Brrrr….A very happy, healthy and blessed new year to you and yours.

  3. Avatar of ejourneys

    Happy and Blessed New Year, Larry! Stay warm and safe.

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