Update: End of 2013

New_YearThursday: Leftovers today. Plus we played phase 10.

Friday: Dialysis today. Pharmacy today.

Saturday: Regular cares today. My friend’s parents came to town today. We went through Rotary Lights with over 2.6 million led lights.

Sunday: Regular cares. Mom’s leg seems to not be weeping anymore will see what they say about wraps on Monday at dialysis.

Monday: Woke up to a wind chill of -30 and predicted to fall to -35 with snow by noon. Dialysis and chiropractor today.

Tuesday: New Year’s Eve We took this as a day to rest. My friend had a party with a bunch of disabled friends. Mom and I went to some friends from church for New Year’s Eve festivities. This will be a short night as it is about 1AM to bed need up at 7 AM to get mom ready for dialysis.

Happy New Year 2014


5 thoughts on “Update: End of 2013

  1. Avatar of DeniseDenise

    Happy New Year, Larry!! I hope 2014 brings you just what you need. :)

    (It’s been snowing in Chicago for just about 24 hours. Once the snow ends, I think bitter cold arrives. How are you guys managing?)


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