A Squeaky Clean Post

Deutsch: SoapyCleaning…
A never-ending job, but it must be done!
Still, we resist, for one reason or another (the “I’ll get to it later”).
But, the dirt/clutter beckons us near again.
Sometimes it makes us happy, for you never know what treasure you may find;
Sometimes sad because of memories invoked in objects of the past;
Amazing how a little soapy water can make things (and people) new again;
Or at least squeaky and pleasant to the nose.
Cleaning the outside doesn’t necessarily change the inside,
But, it helps. Just leave room for a nap afterward,
Or, there will be even more Hell to pay later! ;D

~TPL 2014


3 thoughts on “A Squeaky Clean Post

  1. Avatar of DeniseDenise

    I love a squeaky clean post!! :) I did some de-cluttering last weekend and felt like a new woman! Wishing you a sparkling Saturday. :)


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