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summertime-155490_640Elly and I had a successful trip to the Wound Clinic. She is now “lighter in the legs” as the Unna Boots were removed and not prescribed for the foreseeable future. She just has some really nice wraps on her legs for this week.

Elly’s wound has healed so very nicely but more lesions have appeared due to the edema with kidney failure. All those impurities that the kidneys are not cleaning out are escaping through the skin creating this red, ugly, hot mess… ugh! None of the nurses or doctor have told us that this is what is happening (or how to prevent it) but NurseySister asked last week about this and it was confirmed. I’ve been looking these symptoms up on the internet.

So now the dilemma: Wound Clinic wrote orders for a steroid cream that NurseySister & NursePracticionerCousin stated emphatically should not be used on Elly’s legs. We used this cream for about two weeks last fall and the result was a horrible outbreak in the skin. The home health RN will be coming tomorrow, Friday, to rewrap Elly’s legs and apply the steroid cream (RX that I am supposed to fill) which will not be available. I will have to write a note I guess, stating that we don’t want the steroid cream and see if RN will just wrap dry or apply a non-steroidal over-the-counter cream that we have for dry skin. I probably won’t be home so maybe everything will work out?

Speaking of which… I watched NurseySister make some much needed changes for Elly without a fuss from her! First, she made a chance with the chair, I call it the Queen’sChair that Elly sits in all day which is a recliner she picked out more than five years ago. Elly has never been able to recline it because it was a bit stiff and had no handle to push out the foot rest. AwesomeHubby would love to sit in the recliner and has been eyeing the Queen’sChair. Elly’s body angle while sitting in the Queen’sChair is about 90 degrees which cuts off her circulation to her legs no matter if she puts them up or not.

So NurseySister comes in yesterday and says, “Grandma, I want you to think about this for a couple of days. How about sitting in a ‘rocking’ type chair to improve your circulation? How about the blue chair here?” We proceeded to hear the story about the Blue Chair which she insisted was her chair originally but even the story and my memory cemented the fact that it really was Grandpa’s chair.

She not only bought into the idea of changing to the blue rocking chair but had us move the blue chair in place right, leaving the Queen’sChair available for Awesome Hubby. NurseySister and I looked at each other and she said. “We’ll see how long it takes for Awesome Hubby to notice! (wink, wink!)”.

Well, there was no mistaking the changing of furniture when AH came home last night. He happily lounged in the “Queen’sChair” with Elly in her blue chair with large ottoman. I don’t envision this lasting all that long because this was a very big change for Elly. We’ll see if this lasts for the weekend, but for now, everyone has their favorite “chair”. Except me.

I can enjoy their happiness!


4 thoughts on “Musings About This Week

  1. Avatar of Gail KrollGail Kroll

    Dearest EG, I know exactly what you mean! It thrills me to see others especially Mom happy. The latest is that my sisters don’t want so much stuff that hospice and the PCP and the RN are recommending that the PCP hopefully the voice of reason is offering to come to the house on March 1 the day after Mom’s 87th birthday and they both will be visiting to come talk to them! I love this PCP! She is our savior! And? My former PCP quit practice so @denise suggested I start becoming her patient too! It was a godsend!
    God bless them all!
    Love you much, Gail xo

  2. Avatar of PegiPegi

    So glad to see Elly s wounds are finally under control. Another battle won. Yay. Love how the chair situation was so “easily” resolved. Looking forward to hearing how it went. Hope you have a pleasant and peaceful weekend.

  3. Avatar of DeniseDenise

    Hi EG–I hope you find the chair that brings you happiness. :) I got such a kick out that story–I could see how it all played out. Must have been fun for you to watch.

    Thanks so much for keeping us posted. I love your updates.


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