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In Six Words, How Does Caregiving Loneliness Feel?

boot-206898_640This morning, the Today Show featured a segment from Maria Shriver about the impact of Alzheimer’s disease on women. A study released today by the Alzheimer’s Association reports that three out of five of those living with Alzheimer’s are women. And, women make up about 60% of those who care for a family member with Alzheimer’s.

The segment included an interview with a spouse who cares for her husband. One of her first comments about her experience as a family caregiver: It’s lonely.

We often talk about the loneliness of a caregiving experience. (Read “If There’s So Man of You, Why Is Caregiving Still So Lonely?”). We know it’s lonely. I’d love for you to tell us what that loneliness feels like.

So, in six words, describe your caregiving loneliness in our comments section, below.

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  1. I had to surrender my role as primary caregiver/health proxy/health advocate because I myself became very sick. Part of my dis-ease has been loneliness and I still suffer from it. Like being in suspended animation. Good thing I have support from my family. Out of necessity, I am directing my energy in getting well again. I could not keep up with the demands and expectations my spouse had of me and for my own survival, I had to detach. That has been very painful also. A day at a time…..

  2. I am sad, tired, and don’t get much done around the house. I take care of my mother take care of all of her needs. I wish for a friend, someone to talk to maybe help me get somethings done.

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