Is It Over?!

That’s what I kept saying to myself yesterday afternoon on my drive back home. Is it over?

Yes, for a bit. I’m talking about my respite time away. It was.wonderful. Perfectly stated in three words.

It started with breakfast out (a rarity), then picking up a few “libations” to have at the cabin. The perfect day to  say the least. I posted pics earlier but not sure where they wound up. I may need to correct that after I finish the blog. Considering this “nasty” day – cold, freezing rain, sleet, ice ~ it’s the perfect time to sit down and catch up with my friends.

I missed my caregiving friends, and thought of you while I was away from the internet. Amazing how you get used to those things. I took along my camera, a note pad, and some good wine for my trip. My host was kind enough to have some of my favorite music CDs there, so no television either. Just music, conversation, lots of beauty for the eyes to see and time for me to reflect. Beautiful blue skies that day, along with some crisp wind early in the day but that gave someone an incentive to build me a cozy fire.

So along with the outdoor beauty I had the rare privilege of curling up with a glass of wine by a fire. Warm, delicious red wine for the palate along with some smooth jazz and classic country artists. Norah Jones, Patsy Cline, Carly Simon to name a few. I did leave my Kindle behind but the amazing music I had to relax and listen to made up for that. A happy day, no worries about fixing dinner, no emotions or stress, just happiness.

A hike to the creek showed me a “found” fairy house tree, which I dared someone to take down because of the beauty. Sometimes you do have to point things out. After a blessed relaxing day my evening continued with some crisp Pinot Grigio and some old school Motown music from the PBS special. Great way to wind down.

Do I miss it already? Of course. Did I miss my family? My father, daughter and our pet? Of course.

So I was ready to return home when I did and returned to smiles and hugs. I am blessed to have a daughter who helps me out and lets me escape from time to time. I feel the need to even more now than ever. I think she sees that as well.

So, I will return to my happy place another day. Hopefully after the grass is green and the trees are leafing out. My time made me think of the promise of spring that we have when all things become new.

Until next time ~

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I've been doing the caregiving thing for 5 years now. When we lost my sweet Mama, the only option available for Daddy besides a nursing home was me and caregiving. So, here I am. Each day is a challenge and he continues to teach me so much. About him, the relationship he had with Mama, and about myself. These are precious days I know I've been given, and I do my best to embrace them no matter how difficult they can become. I try to make lemonade out of lemons the best I can ~

2 thoughts on “Is It Over?!

  1. Avatar of Gail KrollGail Kroll

    Dear dear Lisa, It sounds like your respite was absolutely wonderful! And you deserved every moment of it with the time and space off and for yourself, my friend!

    I hope another one comes up sooner rather than later. BTW? The photos were gorgeous! I loved them!

    Remember we care deeply about you and want you to take care of yourself too, okay?
    Love, Gail xo

  2. Avatar of DeniseDenise

    Your weekend looks like it was pure bliss!! I’m sooo glad you could get away and take a break. Thank you for sharing it with us–reading about it and enjoying your photos provided a nice break for me!


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