Using the Force with Oji Ben Kaknobby and Yoder

toucan-162172_640Today I took my dad to the store. He bought some Dove Dark Chocolate that he likes so well. Here’s his response to it and how love of Dove Chocolate led to talk of Star Wars:

“Mmm, mmm. I’m glad I got some of this chocolate candy. I was punying away.”
“You sure are talking a lot to be so puny,” I responded.
“Hush. I was using that…what’s that thing they use on Star Wars? Omen?”
“The Force.”
“Yeah. I was using the Force like Oji Ben Kaknobby, Yoder, Sky Lukewalker, and Princess Lay Me Down.”
“Dear Lord in Heaven. Help Me.”
“What’s that thing called that growled all the time?”
” Chewbacca.”
“Yeah. I bet Chewbaccer had a tick on his a**. That’s why he growled so much. Who was that with him?”
“Han Solo.”
“Han Soho?”
“Yes. It was Han Soho.”


4 thoughts on “Using the Force with Oji Ben Kaknobby and Yoder

  1. Avatar of LisaDLisaD Post author

    I’ve always been a little nutty. :) Caregiving is a serious issue but I find it’s easier to take situations not so seriously or else I would get burned out very quickly and have to mainline Paxil.

  2. Avatar of CathyCathy

    I love this, Lisa. We are all involved in the very serious “business” of taking care of someone(s) but it is so important to take deep breaths and even more important to be able to laugh.


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