Donuts, Taylor Hicks and Eyes

0302140754Last month my cousin e-mailed me to make sure everyone at my house was okay because I hadn’t blogged in a while. Since February 4th, to be exact. Frankly, I have composed some brilliant, witty blogs – all in my head! I just haven’t found/made the time to put those wonderful thoughts on the computer. Sometimes once the moment passes, whatever I wanted to write about doesn’t seem like such a momentous thing and I feel silly writing about it.

Overall, we’re doing well. I sense we’re in a bit of a transition, but I’m reluctant to commit to that thought. Lately Steve’s been exhausted and a bit testy. What’s really nice about this disease is that he doesn’t think he’s ever been mad at me! How nice that he thinks I’m the perfect wife! No point in setting him straight!

Steve made a video for a Gala put on the by the Orange County branch of the Alzheimer’s Association. The first Saturday the videographer was here about six hours. Steve was exhausted after and slept for four hours. More filming was needed the next weekend, but it went much quicker. The video (are they still referred to as that?) turned out great. We were invited to the Gala, and on a rainy Saturday night at the beginning of March, the three of us attended it!

The Gala was lovely and quite an experience. It was an experience because the cocktail period was too noisy and crowded for Steve. I found quiet places we could go for a while to get out of the crowd, so we did that frequently. The dinner itself was easier on him because it wasn’t as noisy. We didn’t stay long after the dinner itself ended. Taylor Hicks was the entertainment and a box of six Krispy Kreme donuts was the parting gift!

Steve went with the Alzheimer’s Association to Sacramento for Advocacy Day. They were gone 17 hours and the next few days were difficult for Steve. He was tired and had a hard time processing anything. Steve had an opportunity to get involved on the national level, but after the Sacramento trip, he felt it wasn’t something he could do at this time and let them know he would not be applying to be part of the group.

Steve applied to be part of another volunteer group, representing his retiree club. It’s a three year commitment and you are expected to plan a certain number of events a year. I’m not saying anything and letting him pursue it. It won’t hurt for him to try.

Steve is down to two of the three classes he was taking this semester. He had to drop the pottery class because he was going to miss too many days and it would have impacted his grade. He’s still taking the two business classes. We can’t figure out if he’s actually thinking about a business or just doing it for the class, so we’ll see what happens.

I had to have laser surgery on both eyes to relieve the pressure and prevent a problem. Although it was extremely easy, I was incredibly stressed and anxious about it. This had nothing to do with correct my vision so I still see the same as I did before the surgery. No, I wasn’t aware I had a problem, either. When the doctor started talking about a loss of vision it panicked me. The one good thing is that I actually advocated for myself, requesting another doctor when I wasn’t happy with the first one. I still have to go back to have my eyes tested to see if the situation has improved.

As a family we’re busy with our son’s track season and senior year, plus thoughts of college and a summer vacation. I’ve definitely missed my goal of blogging once a month, but I’ve now met it for April! Let’s see if I can do it again in May!

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Apr 13, 2014

G-J, when I saw this title, I thought it was one of Denise’s three word challenges! Glad I clicked on it. It has been awhile since we’ve seen you here and reading your blog it’s no wonder. Happy to hear your surgery went well and the Steve is remaining as active as possible. Senior year with your son, oh my, soon the leaving of the nest! Enjoy the last few months. Wishing you and yours well.