In Six Words, What’s Your Greatest Caregiving Challenge?


challenge-73325_640I often hear experts on caregiving speak about your experiences and problems. I often wonder if they are hitting the mark. Do they really understand your greatest challenges as you care for your family members and friends?

I’d love to hear your greatest challenge(s) in your words. And, just for fun, let’s do it in six words.

A caregiving challenge in six words could sound like this:

Not enough money for everyone’s needs

Too much to do, no time

Please share your six-word stories about your great caregiving challenges in our comments section, below. And, please share as many stories as you would like.

5 thoughts on “In Six Words, What’s Your Greatest Caregiving Challenge?

    • Avatar of DebiDebi

      How do u do this. Igo in there hoping for a good day, then there’s complaning, screaming, swearing then demanding. First responds is if she continues i tell her I will leave if she continues and then its I don’t give a blank. And she goes on while I’ve walked out locking door I still can hear her. Then my days been destroyed because I can’t get over it. Because it eats at me.

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