New Adventures in Caregiving

travel-252947_640Sorry I’ve been MIA the last few weeks. I’ve been working on taxes. Being self-employed I get to do all the “dirty work” before handing things into the accountant. One of those things is figuring out mileage. You would think I would do this throughout the year but NO I choose to do this all at one time. Last  year I promised myself that I would not wait until the last minute and instead would do through out the year which I did not do. At last I finished it all last week and it is all turned into the accountant. Then I was at a wonderful convention for the women’s group through my church over the weekend which really helped ‘renew” me!

As the title of this blog implies my awesome hubby and I have entered a whole new adventure in caregiving. My best friend, Darcy, and the person responsible for us being together was diagnosed with  bladder cancer two weeks ago. She has been divorced for years and has two awesome kids who are both in their early 20′s. Her daughter is a sophomore in college and her son lives in Lawrence  which is about 160 miles north of Wichita. Her kids are here when they can. Meanwhile they have asked me to help out with things. She will be starting chemo in the next week. I’m meeting with Darcy and her son this week to figured out a plan of care.

Meanwhile one of my AH’s friends, Phillip, a diabetic who does not take care of himself, has had a infection in his foot as well as some other health issues. He has one brother alive who he does not talk to and is single. SO, Phillip’s friends–my AH, Mark, Tom, and John–will take care of him. John and Tom got him to finally go to the ER on Saturday. He had surgery today to remove a toe as the infection was really bad BUT luckily only a toe had to be amputated. AH will be going to the hospital after work to check on Phillip.

I always knew I would be a caregiver to my family but never to my friends.

The journey continues!


2 thoughts on “New Adventures in Caregiving

  1. Cathy Mitchell

    I love this. I never knew after my mother died that I would end up a caregiver again with my aunt. Your friend is so lucky to have you! I also identify about the taxes. When I just had to get all our information together it was a chore and I also left some tallying, etc., to the end. However, being responsible for my aunt’s taxes has been a major stress factor.

  2. Avatar of PegiPegi

    Your friend and your husbands’ friends are so fortunate to have you and your husband. Not a lot a people would take on the care of those other than family. Glad you had your break with the church group to get you ready. All the best in these new endeavors. Looking forward to future posts.


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