Oy Vey, A “Temporary” Day

Reading yesterday’s comfort by @Denise, I could not help but feel that she bad day 1had a glimpse into my day. Here is an account of how things went down. We all have days like this. I don’t know about everyone else, but they still catch me off guard. I’m poised at high alert, ready to spring to action. As soon as I figure out just what action is needed! Maybe one day I’ll be able to take the “temporary” days more in stride but for now…not so much.

Since my husband’s family left he has gotten into the habit of staying up late, I mean really late. Sometimes the sun is coming up when he’s wheeling in waking me to help him to bed. That’s when it started. My husband just spent another few weeks on two different heavy duty antibiotics for a double bacteria infection. Guess it was a two for one sale at the lab. He, as do many folk, almost always has GI issues with antibiotics. Makes it even more fun for him being in a wheelchair and currently depending on me with help in all his transfers.

I held out as long as I could, but finally could not help from falling asleep around 3 a.m.  He comes in and wakes me from a very sound sleep at about 7ish. As I go to transfer him to the bed I see we have an “issue” to contend with before I can settle him for the night. For the past few days I’ve been concerned with his issues, fearing that the heavy doses of antibiotics may have brought a reoccurrence of C diff. with them. I had discussed this with our home health nurse and we had a plan. Problem is the plan was for Sunday, and now it’s Monday morning and she’s not on duty.

Concern for dehydration and his general health, I make the Monday morning phone call as soon as the office opens. Our doctor is wonderful, one of her two new office staff, not so much. We’ll call her the gatekeeper. I call with his symptoms and ask what I should do, is this ER or what? I wait, I wait, and along about my third cup of heavily caffeinated coffee I call her back at 10:30 a.m.  Has she talked with doc? Yes, and the doctor wants him to come in; first off, thanks for calling me back on that, my ESP must be on the fritz. Next I remind her that my husband does not yet have the strength to get in and out of the car that he goes to dialysis via stretcher. She tells me to bring him in on a stretcher, and bring his wheelchair with me. Oh, yeah, great idea. The waiting area is minute and the exam rooms have sharp turns. I ask if she could please have the doctor call me when she gets a chance; she informed that no she couldn’t call me she was busy with patients. Hmmm, my husband is what? As I clearly was not going to get anywhere with the gatekeeper; I quickly dressed. By now it was near noon, the end of the morning office hours. Leaving my husband alone in bed, which I hate to do; I trek over to the office.

As soon as Dr. J. sees me she holds up a finger and pleasantly states, “Wait a minute, please, I have some one in the exam room, then we can talk”. Ha, take that gatekeeper. A few minutes later Doc comes out, requests hubby’s chart and takes me into her office.

We go over his symptoms; she wants me to get a home health nurse over in the afternoon to clinically evaluate him. Oh, and by the way, she agrees there is no room for a stretcher! I call home health, a nurse comes by late afternoon; all vitals etc. look good. She calls report to the doctor. Now we just wait on the results of the culture.

The good news is that even if the C diff. has returned, the PCP feels we canday at a sime sunset treat at home this time. The dialysis center monitors all the electrolytes etc on each visit. Wonderful, not sure I would have even been able to get him to go to the hospital again so soon. By now, I’ve pretty much had it for the day. Exhausted from worry, stressed from the aggravation at the PCP’s office, just plain drained; it’s now about 6 p.m.

Hubby gets up, feeling a bit week but otherwise not bad. Well rested and ready to go, he can’t figure out why I’m a tad run down. Guess it’s just plain laziness!

This, my friends, was one of the easier hectic days. I may as well get used to it.


4 thoughts on “Oy Vey, A “Temporary” Day

  1. Avatar of LarryLarry

    At my mom’s PCP I have a specific nurse and back up nurse to ask for so as to bypass the gatekeeper. I even have their direct numbers.

    • Avatar of LarryLarry

      Hit post before I finished.

      This has proved very useful over the year and a half she has been with this PCP. You may want to check into something like this with your PCP if it is a problem.

  2. Cathy Mitchell

    Oh Pegi. So frustrating and on so little sleep. If I’m well rested I can handle almost anything but if I’m not, I just can’t. I think you handled it all very, very well!! I also hope that the doctor speaks to her gatekeeper. Hugs, Cathy

  3. Avatar of TrishTrish

    Pegi, Grr! I’m so sorry about this day and others like it. I think you did terrific by going to see the PCP yourself – obviously gatekeeper wasn’t thinking about how you were supposed to accomplish what she was suggesting! Sheesh. I hope you got some well deserved rest and hubby’s issues get under control soon. Hugs!


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