Two Feet and a Heart Beat

MikeAfter such a long winter, spring has finally sprung. My backyard now has a swimming pool and the dogs have to dry off their paws before they come in. The sun is shining with warmth and the snow is receding. Today was the warmest to date so I decided to challenge Mike. I suggested we take the dogs for a walk, something he hasn’t been able to do in years. I figured he’d put me off, but he took me up on the challenge.

Since Brutis, the one pictured on his lap, is mostly his dog, I gave him the responsibility of leashing him up and taking him while I brought up the rear of the parade with Fred and Molly. The plan was to walk to the stop sign on our street. We live about the midway point on a crescent so figured this would be good.

We made it about half way to the stop sign when I finally caught up (his 6”8” frame moves a lot faster than my 5’2” one) and found him sitting on an electrical transmission box. ”Are you okay?” I asked. I got a yep in response and the next thing I know he’s off again. We made it to the stop sign when he decided that he wanted to walk the rest of the way around the block!

I couldn’t’ stop smiling watching him walk with his dog in the sunshine. Two feet and a heart beat go a long way when you’re determined.


3 thoughts on “Two Feet and a Heart Beat

  1. Avatar of DeniseDenise

    Ooohhhh, Chris, something about your post almost has me crying. Oh, my gosh! Such a sweet post. :)

    I’m so glad Mike is doing so much better. It sounds like he realized he can be in control–that his disease doesn’t have to control him. As I think about this: His disease has controlled so much for him-his ability to work, his days, his future. I can imagine how hard it can be to feel like you can have control. It sounds like he’s figured this out.

    And, that’s like climbing to the top of the mountain. :)

  2. Avatar of PegiPegi

    Chris, amazing what Mike discovered he could do while you were recovering! Good for him, he’s doing great and even pushing himself to do more. I’m so happy for both of you, what an accomplishment.


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