Update of 4/10/14

LaundryThursday: On waking the air temperature was 35 and wind chill 27 F and light rain. Regular cares today. Temperature got up to 43 F.

Friday: On waking the air temperature was 35 F and wind chill was 26 F it was snowing and foggy with temperature falling. Chiropractor, dialysis, pharmacy, and laundry today. Mom started cramping before dialysis today and took her meds for that. For some reason they upset her stomach today and she threw up at dialysis. They gave her something to settle her stomach and changed her with the clothes we took along. This then gave her diarrhea and she messed herself so I had to bring another set of clothes. She then messed herself again on the way home. She stayed with my friend while I did his laundry and ours instead of going with me. Temperature got up to 39 F.

Saturday: On waking up the air temp was 28 F wind chill 22 F with fog. The temperature got up to 52 F for the day. Regular cares today and we did supply and grocery shopping today.

Sunday: On waking up the temperature was 43 F with wind chill of 36 F. The temperature got up to 65 F today with rain late in the day. Regular cares today. We made beef barley soup today.

Monday: On waking up the temperature was 43 F with wind chill of 40 F. The temperature got up to 59 F today. We had dialysis and the chiropractor today.

Tuesday: On waking air temperature was 34 F and wind chill was 28 F. The temperature got up to 59 F today.  My friend, his service dog, Mom and I went for a walk before supper. We also went to the local weather spotter refresher training class. We are all three advanced trained weather spotters for the local National Weather Service Office.

Wednesday: On waking up the air temperature was 31 F and wind chill was 24 F. Dialysis today. They do a crit-line on Mom at dialysis next week. A crit-line is a test to determine if they are taking enough fluid off to bring you to your dry weight or if they need to take more or less off. This test was done because Mom shows signs of having excess fluid weight but she has been being brought down to her dry weight so she may be loosing some weight that will bring her dry weight down. The transplant center would like Mom to loose about 15 pounds anyway. Temp got up to 69 F. My friend, his service dog, mom and I went to the dog park for about one hour after dialysis today.

Thursday: On waking up air temperature was 54 F with wind chill of 47 F. Normal cares today plus took my temporary caree shopping. Temperature got up to 64 F today.


4 thoughts on “Update of 4/10/14

  1. Avatar of DeniseDenise

    Hi Larry–I learn something new about you with every post.

    It’s fascinating to me that you are weather spotters. What are your responsibilities? And, what does it mean that you guys are advanced spotters?

    • Avatar of LarryLarry Post author

      A spotter is the eyes of the weather service and are the ground truth reports. Advanced spotters have additional training that includes some radar interpretation to be able to help you know where to look as well as to sport other spotters in the field to be able to help them stay out of the worst of the storm but yet be able to safely observe the storm. Let me say I am NOT a storm chaser! I do not go out and follow storms. I observe what is coming in and report.

  2. Avatar of DeniseDenise

    I love weather. As soon as I see a storm on its way, I look for the best seat to watch it.

    Larry, you truly are a man of service. You serve your family, your community and your faith. And, you do it so humbly. You are admirable.

    Hoping for good weather for you today. :)

  3. Avatar of PegiPegi

    Larry, so sorry to hear your mom had those problems at dialysis. As you know we’re still learning here with my husband, and you sharing your mother’s experiences help me to better understand and know what to watch for in him. I agree with Denise, you are truly a selfless man in all you do for others. Wishing you a week of peace.


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