Happiness Project: June Action

balls-272409_640June arrives in glorious fashion–I’m enjoying a sunny, warm (but not hot!) morning. An open window means I can enjoy the birds singing. Their songs sound perfect. But, I know we never reach perfect without practice.

So, for this month, let’s practice. By practicing, you’re focusing on trying, which means you will be comfortable when it feels like it’s wrong. Practicing means you will make mistakes, you will start over, you will need help. Practicing reminds us that life really is about the journey.

Please share your goals about practicing in our comments section, below. And, keep us posted throughout the month in our Happiness Project group.

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1 Comment on "Happiness Project: June Action"

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Jun 4, 2014

Hello, This month I am going to practice the art of refraining. What do I mean by, “The Art of Refraining? Good question, it means I will practice not rolling my eyes, or making those sounds we all make when we’re not suppose to or talking under my breath which I’ve done once or twice. I would also like to practice the art of, “Asking Questions.” These are both not that hard to practice or master, I just really need to do it.

Thanks Denise for an interesting topic.