Happiness Project: July Action

flower-257151_640With July’s arrival, we’ve made it through the first half of 2014. We also fully land into summer, which always reminds me of being a kid. When we’re kids, we just live for our summer days, which feel carefree and glorious.

So, for this month, let’s bring a bit of our childhood into our days–let’s color.

Please share your goals about practicing in our comments section, below. And, keep us posted throughout the month in our Happiness Project group.

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5 thoughts on “Happiness Project: July Action

  1. Francine werlinger

    Colored my kitchen and living room with the colors of red, white and blue for the 4th of July! Looking very festive!! And cute!

  2. Profile photo of LisaLisa

    I’m going to be taking some pictures of my adventures soon and they will have lots of colors. Looking forward to posting them already. I also found a Pinterest page for coloring therapy for adults. You can print these really detailed pages to color with markers, pencils or crayons (I guess). Anyway, I’m going to try a few to see how I like it and it I can stay in the lines (ha)! I may scan them so I can post.


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