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Denise was joined on Table Talk by @G-J on June 28th. They discussed how coffee with a caregiver was born through G-J’s wanting to offer Kathy support while her husband was in hospice. G-J also shared about their vacation which sounded wonderful. I absolutely love listening to G-J I always feel like we have so much in common. Her husband, Steve, and my daughter, Nicole were diagnosed a month a part with their illnesses. I can so relate to what G-J said about the diagnosis causing her to do things and meet people (even those that we have never met in person) that we would never have if it wasn’t for the caregiving role or disease process.

I loved the knock-knock joke. My picture would be in the dictionary under control-freak and while I still have a tendency to be this way I do need to control the only thing that I can which is how I react to situations, what I do and how I treat people. I also agree 100 % with G-J about the webinars that Denise does. I am not as organized as she is and don’t have the notes all in one place but I do have them scattered here and there. I love them and learn so much…

Be sure to listen to this wonderful discussion…. and be sure to leave your comments.

Jane – The Roving Reporter

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Aug 3, 2014

Jane, thank you for all of your kind comments! :)