Hello, Norovirus

medications-257336_640Well, I was able to get Mom to her doctor’s appointment, barely.

She was NOT in good shape, poor thing. We had her in her wheelchair (she couldn’t drive her scooter because her arms were completely useless) ear plugs in, sun glasses on, no one was allowed to touch her or bump into her. No vitals could be taken. Basically I don’t even know why she was there!

We needed to get her medications refilled and we needed the doctor to write a note to the worker’s comp to explain once again why she needs home health care. We have been fighting for home health care for almost a year. ¬†She had missed the previous 12 appointments due to paralysis and excruciating pain and fire.

So we pushed Mom beyond the breaking point –we had to start getting ready three hours before we left the house, got her there so he could look at her and then drove her home. We didn’t know we brought something a little extra home with us–the dreaded norovirus!!!!

As if Mom didn’t have enough to worry about, we are now dealing with vomiting and diarrhea every hour on the hour. She is SO weak. So I am cleaning and hovering. I feel so bad! I think it is foolish to drag a weak fragile immunosuppressed person out into public and into a doctor’s office where people are sick, all for medication refills! We are exposing her to who knows what (we know at least norovirus) and for what?

It frustrates me that every time I take her to a doctor’s appointment she comes home sick with something. We are so tired of this.

We are praying that worker’s comp will finally approve the home visits so we can cut out this risk!

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Aug 25, 2014

I hear your anger and frustration. You’re already dealing with a difficult situation — why does it have to be made even more arduous? Norovirus is no picnic, that’s for sure — my husband contracted it last winter and he was hospitalized for a week. I hope your mother improves soon.

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Aug 25, 2014

It is insane and frustrating the way the laws and/or doctors require regular visits for meds. In the case of chronically ill patients there should be some exception. It is just inhumane that your poor mother has to go through that, and that you have to deal with the aftermath. My husband is on MCP medicare, they have a program for folks that are housebound where a doctor will come to him. He would have to give up his existing primary for the time period, but I know its there. You might want to check to see if your mother’s insurance has such a program. It is new, just rolling out in the past six months in FL with Blue Cross.

Profile photo of jan
Aug 26, 2014

If I try to imagine my mom and myself in your place, my head spins and my heart breaks. I just wish I could rule the world and fix things. Please continue to share your experiences, and grab whatever encouragement you can from people who stand with you in your fight for your mom.

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Aug 26, 2014

Hi LH–What a frustrating situation. How does your mom feel today?

It’s awful to have more problems created when all you’re doing is trying to get a solution!