In Six Words, What’s a Lazy Caregiving Day?

tired-hikers-249683_640My parents just bought a new car, which has brought them a great deal of happiness. They are over the moon with their red compact SUV.

Except that my mom is a little nervous to drive this compact SUV which feels more like a monster truck to her. So, this morning, she told me she is driving the new car to her water aerobics class. It’s a short drive, it’s a well-worn path and it’s a Saturday morning of a holiday weekend. “I’m hoping most people won’t be out,” she said.

It could be a lazy Saturday for some.

What about you for you? Do you have any lazy days in caregiving?

I’d love to know: How would you describe a lazy caregiving day in six words? Is it even possible for “lazy” and “caregiving” to share the same sentence space? Tell me what you think–share six-word description of a lazy caregiving day in our comments section, below.

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