In Six Words, What’s Your Wish for Fellow Family Caregivers?

wishing-well-76869_640I think we all wish others happiness and good health.

I’m curious: What do you wish for those who care for a family member or friend?

Let’s collect wishes to add a boost to our day and especially to those experiencing a tough time during their caregiving experience.

For a little fun, share your wishes in six words, like this:

Wishing you strength, wisdom, faith, resilience.

Please share your six-word wishes (as many as you’d like) for fellow family caregivers in our comments section, below.

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  1. Wish you could sleep late tomorrow.
    Wish your siblings would pitch in.
    Wish your caree could get well.
    Wish you knew how you’re blessed!

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    1. Find what’s right for Robert’s needs.

    2. Find the strength for another day.

    3. Accept that, “You Can Do It.”

    4. It’s Okay to Ask for Help.

    5. Respites are required for all involved

    6. I will always be right here.

    7. People are born as natural Caregivers.

    8. Outburst is “Not” directed at you.

    9. One good day’s worth ten bad.


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