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About Caregiving.com
Caregiving.com features the blogs of family caregivers, weekly words of comforts, weekly self-care plans, weekly chats, a Community Caregiving Journal, free webinars, and online support groups. Visitors also can join the site’s Caregiving Happiness Project, which looks to determine if small, daily changes can add happiness during a difficult time in life. A campaign featuring the stories of former family caregivers called You’ll Be Okay debuted on the site in November 2010.

Caregiving.com also holds online events that entertain, encourage and provide an opportunity for a virtual escape. We regularly take breaks–for fall, winter, spring and summer. During our breaks, we take time to reflect on what’s going well in your caregiving role and what needs tweaking. In September, family caregivers of all ages show off their creative side in our Caregiving Art Show. In December, we sponsor a Holiday Progressive Blog Party.

In March 2011, Denise launched CareGifters, an initiative which funds caregiving solutions, one family caregiver at a time. Recipients of CareGifters donations detail their three challenges and then receive money to resolve or minimize at least one of those challenges.

You also can listen to Your Caregiving Journey, our Internet talk show, which delves into discussions about your caregiving role.

About Denise M. Brown, Caregiving.com Owner and Operator
Denise M. Brown debuted Caregiving.com in 1996 and launched her first online support group in the fall of 1996. She is the author of five books:

–The Caregiving Years, Six Stages to a Meaningful Journey;
–Take Comfort, Reflections of Hope for Caregivers;
–Take Comfort, Too, More Reflections of Hope;
Take More Comfort, Reflections of Hope for Caregivers:
After Caregiving Ends, A Guide to Beginning Again;
–Take Time, a Journal and Journey Toward Greater Happiness During an Unhappy Time (Caregiving);
–My Caregiving Journal, My Story of How I Care;
–Good Morning! Sunny Reflections to Start Your Day.

Two of her books (Take Comfort and Take Comfort, Too) are available as MP3s. You can purchase her books and MP3s in our store.

Denise began working with family caregivers in 1990 and started her own business to help them in 1994. She sent out the first issue of her monthly print publication, Caregiving!, in January 1995. She discontinued the print publication in 2005 to concentrate solely on online content.

She regularly speaks about the family caregiver experience; you can view her list of seminar/workshop topics here. Her insights have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, SmartMoney.com, Time magazine and Chicago Tribune. Denise is also a professional caregiving coach, working with family caregivers and professionals to find the meaning in their journeys. You can schedule a coaching all with Denise here.

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Jul 14, 2010

Caring for a brain tumor patient never stops, even after treatment and during the years of survival. YOu walk a fine line between doing for the person and neglecting the person. When to suggest and when to hold back. When to to correct and when to keep still. To my surprise my husband tells everyone that I did him a favor by letting him make his own mistakes. I’m glad I was listening when he said that.

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Apr 4, 2013

I would like to unsubscribe please. My husband passed away and no longer wish to be on the list to get emails.

Maria Keil
Dec 11, 2014

HI! I know it has been some time since I’ve been here busy times. I keep trying to log on but am not able to get on.

Jan 20, 2015

I have an old address for you in Chicago. Can you email me your current address? Thanks.

Jan 20, 2015

Never mind, it’s on your website : )