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  • It took me until the evening, but Sunday I finally spent 15 minutes organizing. I tackled the Tupperware cupboard in the kitchen. It wasn’t horrible, but it was a bit of a mess. Honestly, I’m pretty sure I saw a container and lid in there this morning that I didn’t use today, but haven’t seen since!

    Well, it’s organized. I removed items that I…[Read more]

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  • I’m having a bad day. There I said it. I feel like I’m failing at caregiving lately.

    Mike left a week ago Saturday to go on a week-long hunting trip with his buddies. He made it to Tuesday of last week. His […]

    • Chris
      I know how you feel but recently I just realized you can’t stop living. It’s not fair to you or Mike. The ladies here are the ones that made me realize this.
      Try not to feel guilty about not being there …you are doing a great job. You have a life too.
      I don’t know how to put into words but you just can’t be there 24/7 even though you want to and when something happens you feel it’s your fault ….well it’s not. Keep your chin up and it will all work out.
      I hope this helped

    • Whatever we do is never enough, really, because regardless how hard we work, we can’t make our carees better. Anything short of that, somehow our brains and emotions are telling us we are failing.
      I know what it feels like to see something happening and suddenly not care – and then feel terribly guilty. The “I should haves” and “If only I hads” and “What ifs” keep me awake. One doctor told me a long time ago.. “don’t ever blame yourself for anything in the past – all we can do is start from now”. This was after a doctor blamed me for my 4 year old daughter’s kidney stone.
      Take care!
      I’m off for a week. I’m grateful, because I really need this. I’m lucky that my brother is in town to cover just in case. He’s here on business, so not much free time, but he’s here.
      I’ll be holding you all in my thoughts!

  • (reprinted from my

    Timing is everything, so they say. I’m not sure exactly who they are, but in this case I’ll give them credit. Timing is important. It’s the difference between a […]

  • Congrats to @thedogmama who won again with a high score of 569.

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  • You’d love to be able to look to a professional who can help you manage your caregiving experience. But, who is that professional to whom you can turn?

    Or, you’d love to turn the wisdom and knowledge you’ve […]

  • We’ve had lonely moments in our life. But there’s something about a lonely moment during a caregiving experience. You’re alone, wrapped in helplessness, viewing a sea of hopelessness.

    It’s awful.

    So, for […]

  • We regularly talk about family member and friends disappearing during our caregiving experience. We think we’ll have their help until we just can’t seem to find them. They’re gone.

    Sure, they have […]

    • I think for some family members the caregiving process makes them uncomfortable. Seeing the loved one who is receiving care ill or in need is often a source of pain that is something hey can’t face. Therefore it is easy for them to act busy and avoid than to face reality. Particularly if you are good at caregiving, it makes it that much easier for the other relatives or friends to not help.

  • At the end of July, Howard Gleckman, a columnist for Forbes, wrote about the policies some states have implemented to help family caregivers. (Read: We Need to Do a Better Job Caring for Family Caregivers.)

    I […]

  • Organize your money, save your spare change, take our receipts that need to be filed. Take out what you no longer need and think about adding what you do need. Switch out any summer purses for winter ones.

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    Here’s a picture ifof my daughter Karen and granddaughter Camden… I thought I share it …they were at a pumpfest in our city

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    Sorry I missed chat .I was going to do the 9 one but fell asleep.Tony had a rough morning he didn’t remeber a lot of stuff and wanted to come home.I called my son and sent him up because he was just fighting with me….he was all calm and better my afternoon. I’ll try for the 9 PM chat. Going to Camden’s game for 9 AM and than to hospital. At…[Read more]

  • Well I don’t have either a cost closet or mud room in a small apartment. My coat closet is used for cleaning supplies and storage. My problem in the table. It gathers papers and they grow overnight, I swear. So many things are set aside to deal with later and when I get around to them it’s too late anyway, so why don’t I just pitch the stuff in…[Read more]

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