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    @sara32742 Miss Sally Sara32742, I love your new picture!!! I hope you are having a good day! See ya later alligator!

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    Today I am grateful for my friend Ray. We have been friends almost 30 years. His wife, who passed in 2007 was my best friend, more like kindred spirit! Ray texts me every morning, well, at least 5 out of 7 days a week just to say hello. We don’t get together very often but that doesn’t make me appreciate him any less.

  • Denise wrote a new post, Sparkle 41 minutes ago

    Once, you felt like you sparkled. You knew how to have fun. Your happy-go-lucky self seemed to set off mini firework explosions.

    And, then life happened.

    Now, you live with doubts which seem to diminish the […]

    • I love this Denise and I love, now, to think of each of us here as SPARKLERS. We bring our sparkles to the blogs and to chat, to our zentangles and our cookbook entries! It’s where we each shine, in the presence of others who know exactly what we are going through. Thank you @denise for the sparkles you bring, for creating such heartfelt blogs that we all can relate to our own life! I appreciate you! Because of you, I shine! :)

  • Ellen Rogin joined Denise on Thursday, July 2nd, to discuss clearing your financial clutter. What an awesome show!!!!!! You really must listen to this and even though it dealt with financial matters it can be […]

  • Why is it that friends and relatives will say to a family caregiver, “Let me know if there is anything I can do to help” and then disappear? While I was caring for my first husband, we were in Buffalo N.Y., about […]

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  • BettyBoop became a registered member 3 hours, 38 minutes ago

  • @worriedwife, thinking of you and hoping your husband is home from the hospital.

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  • Hussy replied to the topic July 4 in the forum July: Thanking 4 hours, 26 minutes ago

    I’m grateful that my husband and I were able to celebrate the 4th of July like “normal” people. :)
    We were invited to two different lakeside cook-outs by good friends. Boating, burgers, and dry martinis! What’s not to like?!

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    I’m grateful that my husband was discharged from the hospital today.

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    I’m grateful to our good friend who mowed our lawn and power washed our wrap around porch while I was at work. What a treat!

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    Catching up on my July gratitudes! I’m grateful we have good insurance.

  • While hubby and I were out to breakfast today, I overheard a customer ask one of the waitresses how her daughter was. She replied that she was better but needed a course of Prednisone which would end in three days. Then she said but this will be an ongoing challenge for the rest of her daughter’s life. I took a moment to reflect how thankful I am…[Read more]

  • About two years ago, a caregiving app debuted to a lot of fanfare. Two large tech companies developed the app with input from a well-respected gerontologist. Caregiving associations and websites supported the […]

    • I couldn’t agree with you more, but that would be just too logical wouldn’t it? I am afraid we are light years away from that kind of help Denise. Just from my own personal experience, between my hubby and I, the technology is there, but the coordination is not. It seems the new trend in our area is access to our medical information and communication with our doctors can now be done through “portals”. The only problem here is that each doctor seems to have their own portal and none of them talk to one another. So, unfortunately, I have one for the big medical center where my OBGYN has her office and my mammograms are done, a different portal for my family doctor and now a new one for my cardiologist (who works out of the same hospital as my PCP). Not one of these “talks” with one another, so all the information is fragmented. How health care is going to figure that out is beyond me. Unfortunately it would be on me to gather all the information in one place and like they found out…caregivers (and us regular people too) don’t have the time (or the expertise) to input all the correct data for what we need. I think it would be possible if all my health care needs came from the same place, but for now, seeing different specialties in different places is just compounding the issue. (As any caregiver knows) So I guess for now we will all carry around our laptops and notebooks and try to keep our sanity and the health of our caree coordinated. Would universal health care help? How about a universal reporting system? I’m sure the apps are out there, but as research showed, we the caregiver and/or patient, just don’t have the time or energy to input all the data. I hope someone can find a solution, we sure could use it!

    • Yes. :)

      I think it takes one large hospital system to integrate a solution like this to back other hospital systems into a corner. And, universal is key–we need to be able to share data within and without our own network. The ability to share data shouldn’t reside only within one system.

      I really hope that anyone thinking about creating an app for family caregivers will effective research the market before launching another “care management” tool. We have so many of these which few ever use. I wish we could pool our collective energies to really create something that’s useful–that makes a daily difference to a family caregiver. And I wish we could do this for the greater good rather than for our own personal agenda (like ego and money).

    • Awe, I had looked at some of those apps and my thought was exactly as you said… to much work and confusing…. at least the apps I reviewed and I know my way around a computer more than many.

      It’s interesting. A younger cousin of mine started his own business years and years ago and focussed on computerizing medical records — for institutions. He got snatched away by a big corporation and sold his business. It’s certainly taken years to get started this direction. Currently, my doctor’s system interfaces with the hospital and other doctors in that system but I doubt is the two major systems in our area connect to each other.

      My son told me about technology where you could wear a ring that could be scanned that contain all your medical info. I’m sure that’s in development somewhere.

      I will run the issue of technology for caregivers by him when I get a chance. He is partner at company that does lots of development of software and major systems. He is now researching direction for the company to go in future. They do work for top firms in country and abroad so have no idea if they would even be interested. You never know though.

  • Share for what you give thanks today.

  • My week away from the site has been filled with joy contrasted by underlying angst.

    I had a wonderful time with my grandchildren, all five of them: three 7-year-olds, a 4-year-old, and the newest arrival, a […]

    • Hi Jean–How wonderful to be with the grandkids!! I bet your heart overflowed during the entire visit. There’s nothing like the energy of the young.

      How was the visit? What else did you bring for her?

      I’m so glad you keep us posted. I’ve been thinking of you. I can only imagine how much your heart hurts right now.

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  • Just last week in evening chat I mentioned that my mom hadn’t had a visit from her “other” children since Mother’s Day, which was May 10 this year. Personally I feel that a month is much too long of a span between […]

    • Oh Lillie, isn’t that always the way? It is hard sometimes to find it in our heart to be grateful even for visits few and far between. As long as mom was buoyed by the visit, maybe you can nurse the memory for a few weeks to span the time between actual visits. Denise once talked about how difficult it can be for families to face the decline of a loved one and unconsciously avoid facing it. Maybe that is what is going on. So glad mom has you to be there for her.

    • It’s just heartbreaking that your mom knows how long between visits. I think that’s the toughest part–you hurt for her. UGH.

      And, what’s with the Fourth of July preparations??? Can’t they invite you and your mom to join in?? That’s so incredibly aggravating.

      Well, I’m glad they stopped by (it feels more like a stop by than a visit) and I hope (fingers crossed) they stop by more frequently.

  • Thank you Denise.

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