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Our bloggers care for parents, spouses, children, grandparents, friends and anyone they consider family. Our bloggers also write about their lives after their caregiving roles end because of their family member’s death. Caring for a family member or friend and interested in blogging? Register to create your free account to begin your blog.

After EXTREME Caregiving: Wasted Opportunities


Yesterday, SIL ashes were released exactly how she wanted, her guy friend Kim said: “Memorial Day morning, what ashes flew, flew when a eagle sores over at the last release what ashes stayed, now anchor at the foot of an ol tree with lots of character. this ol tree over looks Anchorage, Cook Inlet, Denali and Sleeping Lady. this ol tree also witnessed, the Northern lights 20 years ago that when DeeDee saw them, that ...

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Where Are You Going?


Where are you going? Where have you gone? I keep asking if I did something wrong. Where are you going? Where did you go? I beg you to come back. But I already know. You’re on that long journey. I’ll stay by your side But I know that I’m just along for the ride. You slip though my fingers. You’re mist on the breeze. Some days you seem better but that’s just a tease You’re ...

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Oh, you have moments when you wish for different, when you wish you had what another family member or a neighbor or a co-worker has. If you were the same as them, you would have an easy life, a carefree life, an ideal life. Sure, the grass looks greener. But, it still needs to mowed and watered and fertilized. Wishing for what others have also means exchanging your problems for another. And, while it appears their ...

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Terrible Twos and Exasperating Eighties


After taking my mother (who has dementia) to a restaurant on Thursday, I swore like a sailor that I would never attempt it again in this life. It had been a while since I had experienced it on my own, and I had reservations after watching her recent daily dining “habits” at home. But she had actually brightened up when I said, “Go out for dinner”, like a dog when the leash appears. So with ...

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Welcome to Our New Members


The best resource for you is another in a similar situation. So, to help you connect, please find our list of our newest members, below. Please feel free to send a private message or a public note as well as a friendship request. I think it helps our new members when they see familiar faces each time they visit the site. You also can see when a new member joins on our Activity Stream; feel ...

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Entry 3: May 24


Been dealing with heavy rains and more to come–flooding everywhere. Kittie is in her hidey hole under my bed as thunder is not her friend. Hubs is doing better–I’d say 50% better from last Sunday, not all the moaning and groaning going on. He has stopped his pain meds unless there is some breakthrough pain that he can’t deal with. He is sleeping through the night and that in itself is healing. I got down ...

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We had a hospice aide who provided excellent care for the 1-1/2 years that my MIL was in Hospice. She was great at all aspects of care–bed bathes, hair, nails, transferring, etc. and tidying up afterward. She did have some “issues” that didn’t affect her performance. She always put a couple things back where she thought they should be so rather than where I wanted them. I didn’t make a big deal out of it and just ...

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Entry 2: May 22, 2015


Smiles and feel goods about those who replied to my first blog post. Nice to know you read it. Took hubby back to the Indian Hospital Urgent Care this morning for another medication they want him to take. We went prepared for the usual three-hour wait but were in and out in 15 minutes.  Then we were able to do our banking and grocery run all before the rain set in. I made him sit ...

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Today is a Day of Discovery


(Editor’s Note: We welcome TJ to our blogging team today. You can connect with TJ on her profile page: @tjcrn.) Today I discovered, realized, that my mom of 53 years who lives with me does not remember me at all. Oh, yes, there have been glimpses of this day coming, but to spend hours reminding her who I am just to realize that her last words before going to sleep are, Are you a Catholic? ...

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A Changed Man


When I was 22, my parents took a trip to Ireland, leaving myself, one older brother and my younger sister with the house to ourselves. Soon after they left, I tried to back the car of out of garage and succeeded in positioning the car right into the side of the house. My brother finally had to come out and move the car, which left a deep dent in the house siding. My sister and ...

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