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My Caregiver Business Card


Recently I  wrote about creating my own, Caregiver Cards, a business cards for caregivers. I wanted the front contain my contact information and the back, Mom’s medication. The amount of medications Mom is on would not fit on the back of a standard business card, even if I went vertical or had the font size at a 4. So I kept the contact information and then on the back as you can see I added ... Read More »

Call for Research Participants: Family Caregivers of Older Adults Living Independently


I received an email yesterday Seamus Palmer, research director and owner of EXPRESS Research. He’s looking for participants for a current research project. If you qualify, you’ll participate in a two-hour interview and receive a $300 honorarium. To qualify, you must meet for the following criteria: You care for an adult caregiver for a senior family member or friend who lives independently (i.e. does not have a professional home caregiver or live in an assisted ... Read More »

New: Canadian Groups


On Tuesday, @jeff sent me a tweet suggesting that I add a section for family caregivers who live in Canada. Oh, my. I have no idea why I didn’t think of that. We have a few members from Canada (@oscargal @jeff and @dkridingshotgun) and have room for as many more who would like to join us. So, I’ve added groups for our Canadian members, one general group (Canada) and one for each of the provinces. ... Read More »

Video Chat: What’s Your Greatest Caregiving Challenge?


Our Friday video chat returns tomorrow! Tami (@tneumann), who cares for her son, joins me tomorrow to discuss this question: What’s your greatest caregiving challenge? Our chat takes place at 3 p.m. ET (2 p.m. CT, Noon PT). To watch our discussion, just come back to this page on April 18 at 3 p.m. ET. Related Articles Friday Chat: A “Caregiving Tract” for Working Family Caregivers? ( Friday Chat: Paid Family Leave Overview ( In ... Read More »

Reflections: The Aftermath

I miss you

I think in some ways we all regress a bit when near our mothers. A part of us, no matter how old we are, wants our mother. In many ways we are still her child and always will be, age is definitely just a number. You know there is love, there is comfort, there is laughter and there is joy when you are near her. But where is your safe place, your place to go ... Read More »

You Can Have Both


(Editor’s Note: Today, we welcome a new blogger, Laura, who cares for her brother. You can connect with her on her profile page: @bro5wt.) I’ve started this blog about 50 times in my head but every time I sit down to write the first post nothing comes out. I feel like there is so much to say I just don’t know where to start. I suppose the best place is why. Why am I even ... Read More »

Caregiving Garage Sale is May 10 and 11

What’s in your caregiving closet that you no longer use? No longer need? Do you wonder what in the world to do with those books, CDs, supplies, equipment, gadgets? Sell them in a Caregiving Garage Sale! We’re holding garage sale on on Saturday, May 10, and Sunday, May 11. In order to sell your goodies in our sale, you’ll want to place a free listing in our Caregiving Directory by May 10. Be sure ... Read More »

Bob Makes His Television Debut


Bob (@bobmarcotte) made his television debut yesterday!! He appeared on a local television station to promote an upcoming conference for cancer survivors and family caregivers. He’ll speak at the conference and, based on his comments during yesterday’s appearance, he will be awesome!! If you live near Fresno, Calif., register to attend the free conference, Cancer Survivorship Conference on May 2. Related Articles Podcast: Table Talk with Bob ( Tell Us: Has Caregiving Cost You Your ... Read More »

Pity Party for Myself


It’s been a tough two days with Mom on my back telling me what I am doing wrong with my granddaughter. My son decided he didn’t need to pay back the money we gave him to get his car fixed when he got his income taxes. He’s been promising since September and has been lying to us since February. His wife felt so bad she told us so our son is mad at the world. ... Read More »

This is Not a Race, I Repeat, This is Not a Race


I like listening to Sam and Dave (yes, I was born in the wrong decade), but when “Soul Man” was blaring away on the alarm at 5 a.m., I’m pretty sure I didn’t feel like singing along. I got up though and off to the gym we went. Mike and I are pretty competitive people; that’s probably why going to the gym is good for the both of us. We are still working on cardio ... Read More »



During caregiving, you can feel like you make one unpopular decision after another. Your caree hates each decision. Your family members question each decision you tell them about. Your friends wonder why you just don’t make the decision that would be easiest on you. If you were up for an election, you’d lose in the popular vote. Except that you know, deep down, that caregiving is not a popularity contest. You learned long ago that ... Read More »

What Am I Doing? Where Do I Go Now?

2048 madness

“Oh my word, what am I doing here?” I think that thought once too often it seems, perhaps more when I’m worried or stressed. Or maybe lost (physically, emotionally or spiritually). I’ve been going through a lot of back and forth lately with a certain one for which I care. Sometimes, heck a lot of the times, things are so overwhelming for both of us it’s truly crazy-ville. To calm myself, I clam up and ... Read More »

When Your Caree Doesn’t Act Like your Caree


Since her recent hospitalization and current stay in a skilled nursing facility (SNF), Mom has given us a lesson in Hallucinations 101. Some of her hallucinations include: Her pastor took her to a church auditorium, where children in white sang to her.  As she put it, “They were angelic. The nurses were walking like penguins. Aliens visited to take my younger brother (Jimmy) and they informed Mom before hand. Mom thought I was in the ... Read More »

The Dreaded Phone Call, One Year Later

red rose

One year ago today, I stood at my beloved mother’s bedside. I looked down at a frail, skeletal version of Mama. It had only been a matter of months since I sat with her talking and laughing. Heavily medicated and lost already to years gone by, I gently kissed Mama on her forehead. “It’s Pegi, I’m here, I love you.” The night before I received the dreaded phone call from my sister: This was it, ... Read More »

In Six Words, What Makes You Mad?


A few of new members shared about the anger they feel in their profile pages. Caregiving can give you a ton of reasons to be mad. The problem is you often can feel guilty for getting angry. You may feel like a terrible person because you get mad at how many times you repeat the same answer to your caree. Or you may feel like an absolute heel that it makes you mad that you ... Read More »

Chris Shares His Story in SunSentinel


Chris (@thpurplejacket) shared his story during the last months he cared for his partner (“TLO”) with a reporter and photographer for SunSentinel newspaper. The story appears today in the newspaper’s print edition and is also available online: In Sickness and in Health: A Couple’s Final Journey. I visited Chris in Florida this past week and attended TLO’s memorial service on Wednesday. I said a few words at the memorial service but couldn’t quite figure out ... Read More »

I’m Sorry, Who Are You?


“I think I’m going to sign up at the rec center to use the gym.” Sorry, who are you? What have you done to my husband? You look like him, you sound like him, and yes, you’re producing the same messes he does, but really who are you? I have been trying for the last year or so to get Mike interested in going to a gym with me to no avail. I think this ... Read More »

Table Talk with Trish


Another wonderful show with Denise and Trish for Table Talk. She shares updates about Carol, Richard’s mom and as well as Robert and his new medication. Be sure to listen to the show and as always leave your comments. Hugs:o) Jane ~ the Roving Reporter More Caregiving Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Denise Brown on BlogTalkRadio Read More »

Vote the Best Caregiver Website


Every year, features a contest called Best Senior Living Awards contest. We have nominations in three categories: Best caregiver website, best caregiver newsletter and social media rock star. If you like and enjoy following me on Twitter, please feel free to vote for us; voting ends April 28. Vote for for the best caregiver website. Vote vote for our newsletter (“Spotlight on Caregiving”) for best caregiver newsletter. Vote for me for a ... Read More »

Donuts, Taylor Hicks and Eyes


Last month my cousin e-mailed me to make sure everyone at my house was okay because I hadn’t blogged in a while. Since February 4th, to be exact. Frankly, I have composed some brilliant, witty blogs – all in my head! I just haven’t found/made the time to put those wonderful thoughts on the computer. Sometimes once the moment passes, whatever I wanted to write about doesn’t seem like such a momentous thing and I ... Read More »

Climbing Everest for Family Caregivers


By Kuntal Joisher Growing up not too far from the Himalayas, climbing Everest has always been a dream of mine. But, it wasn’t until five years ago that I decided to pursue the challenge and begin training for the journey of a lifetime. As expected, the physical training has been anything but easy. However, the emotional toll I have taken during this time often feels infinitely harder than climbing any mountain peak. Almost seven years ... Read More »

Update of 4/10/14


Thursday: On waking the air temperature was 35 and wind chill 27 F and light rain. Regular cares today. Temperature got up to 43 F. Friday: On waking the air temperature was 35 F and wind chill was 26 F it was snowing and foggy with temperature falling. Chiropractor, dialysis, pharmacy, and laundry today. Mom started cramping before dialysis today and took her meds for that. For some reason they upset her stomach today and ... Read More »