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Caring for Children

New Diagnosis and Health Issues


My daughter Nicole had to see an allergist this week. She had seen an allergist from the time she was about 6 years old until 17 years old. She is now 20 years old. Her PCP was giving us scripts for her Flonase and she has taken Zyrtec since before it went over the counter and was a prescription. She was initially tested for allergies through blood at 4 years old when she was hospitalized ...

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The Date is Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2010


This is the day we will be “officially” told that Nicole has pulmonary hypertension and exactly what her congenital heart defects are. This would be done with a right heart catheterization. This procedure is evasive and a catheter is inserted in the groin and then wound up to the heart and the pictures are on a screen. This can also be done through the arm or through the neck. Nicole has only had it done ...

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The Date is Friday, January 22nd, 2010


We arrive at the cardiologist’s office. The nurse does an EKG and then we’re told she will be having an echo. The person who did the echo was awesome and put both Nicole and I at ease. I will always be grateful to her. After the echo was done the doctor comes in. He was very nice. We were told a lot of information this day and this is the day our whole life as ...

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The Date is Thursday, January 21st, 2010


I had waited a month to get Nicole into the pediatrician’s office under the guise of an annual check-up. Nicole has been with this doctor’s office since she was four years old and she’s now fifteen years old. The doctor who was with and treated Nicole for pneumonia and her hospitalization when she was a month shy of five years old left the practice shortly after this. I had seen that he had returned. I ...

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…And to a Lesser Degree…

Heather today

I’m here too because I am a bit of a caregiver to my oldest daughter, Heather. She suffers from Panic/Anxiety Disorder. My husband also suffers from this (although after his bypass surgeries–because of greater blood-flow–he was actually pretty good, for awhile). In all truthfulness, all our children have at one time or another had an episode or two with panic/anxiety. Except for the oldest daughter, all have been able to overcome it without professional assistance ...

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Looking for Some Advice on Paperwork


I am looking for some advice. Every night I sit down with Nicole and ask her a bunch of questions which we refer to as her daily log. Nicole’s old physical therapist came up with these questions and we started incorporating them into our routine in 2012. Basically, it is three pages of questions–about sleep, did you have joint pain, if yes, when, what was the pain level there are other questions to this respect ...

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Thoughts about the Holidays


I wrote this on ” A Day in the Life” page on facebook and I got a response about how negative I am and how my whole life revolves around Nicole’s diagnosis and I should be more positive and happy. The response is from someone who always replies about my negativity and she is neither a caregiver nor a parent but has had a lung transplant. I didn’t write this to come across as negative ...

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My Artistic Journey

Nicole entered this piece, "Cadance," in our 2013 Caregiving Art Show.

Today, during Care Break with Bruce, we discussed our seven significant caregiving moments. Bruce told his story about his daughter talking to her baby doll and telling her “just because I can’t pick you up doesn’t mean I don’t love you” which made me think of an assignment that Nicole had to do for one of her classes earlier this year. This was very powerful for me to read. I thought I would share it. ...

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Podcast: Care Break


Denise was joined by Bruce for Care Break on August 28th to continue the discussing about telling your story. Be sure to listen below and as always leave your comments below. Hugs:o) The Roving Reporter Check Out Caregiving Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Denise Brown on BlogTalkRadio

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