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Caring for Three

Our bloggers write about caring for three.

I Wrote A Book! I Feel So Unnecessary: Adventures in Caregiving from a Granddaughter’s Perspective.


Genre: Non-fiction/Caregiving 41 pages Published on amazon January 8, 2015 Synopsis: A short book on my caregiving experiences with my sassy grandmother. It contains funny things she said, rants, and my thoughts on caregiving. I’ve also included some caregiving resources at the end. It does contain the word sh*t, it was my grandmother’s favorite word and me leaving it out just wouldn’t have been her. I decided to finally finish it and publish it because ...

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Try a Little Tenderness


My mother had an appointment at a neurologist’s office yesterday. She hadn’t been there in four years but her migraines got worse so she went back. This time she saw a nurse practitioner she’d never seen before. The FNP seemed nice enough even though she seemed hurried. She asked questions about Mom’s medical history and at times asked another question before Mom could get the first one answered. I had to keep chanting to myself, ...

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Book Review: No Saints Around Here


No Saints Around Here: A Caregiver’s Days By: Susan Allen Toth 256 pages Genre: Memoir/Essays/Caregiving Publisher: University of Minnesota Press, 2014 In this book Toth writes in short essays that chronicle the last 18 months of her husband James’s life- who suffered fromĀ  Parkinson’s Disease. An honest, poignant, and darkly funny book. Susan Allen Toth’s collection of essays about her caregiving days are not just a must-read for caregivers; they’re a must read for all ...

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Who’s Poojam?


My Dad came to the house today for me to call about a medical bill he received. When he came in the door he took off his cap and revealedĀ  a shaved head. “Oh. my. gosh. What’d you do? That ain’t right,” I said. “I was trimming my hair and accidentally slipped and decided to shave my head,” he said. “You look like a redneck Mister Clean.” “That’s what he said!” the husband replied. “I ...

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Because He Was My Grandfather


A home, love, and support. Responsibility. He taught and gave us many things. Because he was my Grandfather. Except he wasn’t. He married my Grandmother when my mother was nine. Then when we came along he helped take care of us–with food, with stability. I don’t know what we would have done without him and my grandmother at times. Some of the best traits I have I learned from him. So when the time came ...

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In. Out. In. Out goes the rise and fall of my husband’s chest. Ever since his heart attack in February I’ve watching him breathe when he goes to sleep. Okay. Watching him breathe more. He’s had health problems for a while and for several years I’ve watched him as he sleeps. He sometimes wakes up and sees me staring at him. I’m sure it’s not disconcerting whatsoever for him. This was also a habit I ...

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Ready for Summer


Hi all. Checking back in and saying hi. Not much of an update. My mom is still struggling a bit with her loneliness and she has a CAT scan mid-June that she is convinced will be bad (to check for cancer progression after she had a couple dozen radiation treatments due to her chemo no longer working). I am still struggling with finances and not able to really admit just how much to my husband ...

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This post doesn’t involve direct caregiving, but I did assist my parents with this task: Yesterday while sitting in the chair reading the phone rang. The husband picked it up, spoke for a few minutes to the caller, and handed it to me. It was my dad. “Lisa, do you have a box?” he asked. “I think so. Why do you need one?” I asked. “I went to the store and on the way I ...

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Just Give Me Five Minutes


Since the middle of February I’ve spent most of my time with a loved one in the hospital or going on doctor appointments. Because of this I have also spent more time running errands. Usually I take all this in stride. My family is quirky. It usually doesn’t bother me. I handle crises most of the time fairy well. Now, I’m not saying I don’t snap at loved ones at times or have mini-breakdowns. I ...

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