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Caring for Two

Read the blogs of those who care for two carees.

Update of 5/20/15


On Monday, dialysis for Mom. Regular care for clients. On Tuesday, I had regular care for clients today. Received letter for Mom’s care conference next week but they scheduled it to take place at the rehab center during her dialysis treatment. I call the social worker at the rehab center on this as she is responsible for scheduling it. I had to leave her a message as she was out of the office. Wednesday was ...

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Sorry I Went MIA


Hello everyone. How is everyone? I have missed you all so much. I have had a very miss month. I got done with my classes for this year. I got a 4.0 grade point average so straight A’s.  I am so happy. What is the hardest is having enough time to go visit my parents in the nursing home. They went to the nursing home in October. My mom has had such a hard time ...

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Update of 5/10/15 Mother’s Day


Thursday was regular cares for clients. I found out that neighbor can fix car for substantially less and even less if I help. I scheduled to work on this tomorrow afternoon with him. Received call from rehab center that Mom is scheduled for a fistula-gram tomorrow morning instead of dialysis and then dialysis in the afternoon. Mom’s potassium level came back and it is still high but is dropping. Got parts for the car. Social ...

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Update of 5/6/15


On Thursday, I had regular care for clients. On Friday, Mom had dialysis with doctor at dialysis. Laundry and regular client care today. On Saturday, I had regular care for clients. On Sunday, I had regular care for clients today and visited Mom. Monday dialysis today. Setup home visit with mom for Thursday so therapy can evaluate mom’s needs when she returns home. Tuesday, regular care for clients today. Had to reschedule Mom’s home visit ...

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Update of 4/22/15


On Sunday, I had regular cares for clients today and visited Mom at rehab center. Monday was dialysis for Mom and regular cares for clients. Start of Severe Weather Awareness Week in Wisconsin and Minnesota. On Tuesday, I had regular cares today. Wednesday was dialysis for Mom. Storm spotter training tonight (refresher course) for me. On Thursday, regular cares again. Tornado drill day today. I did do a radio check in for the afternoon drill. ...

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Update of 4/11/15


On Monday, Mom had dialysis. Regular cares for clients today. Mom had an appointment with her endocrinologist. Her endocrinologist is having a fit as the doctor they have following her at the rehab center has been playing with her insulin and not consulting him when it is his specialty. The endocrinologist is filing a formal complaint against the doctor who follows her at the rehab center as they both work for the same health system. ...

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Update of 4/5/15, Easter Sunday


On Saturday, it was the food fair at local food pantry; I picked up food for four clients. Regular cares today for clients. On Sunday I went to visit Mom at rehaby. Mom is now doing pivot transfers in her room and not just in rehab! Mom was very down today because she will not be out for Easter to go to Easter Vigil which is her favorite Mass of the whole year. Monday was ...

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Update of 3/27/15


On Saturday, I passed my test to upgrade my amateur radio license to general class! On Sunday, I went to see Mom at rehab center even though it was snowing. I thought it was spring! On Monday, Mom had dialysis. Many local area schools closed or delayed due to snow storm over night. Tuesday was regular work for me. On Wednesday, Mom had dialysis today. More snow today! My friend and I were mentioned on ...

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Update of 3/20/15: Interesting Happenings


On Wednesday, we had dialysis and the surgeon follow up. Labs taken at dialysis today and potassium is up from last Thursday! Dialysis called the ombudsmen with their information. The surgeon was pleased with the progress of healing and set a two-week follow up instead of weekly. Thursday was a ong day of work for me. I received a call from the ombudsmen that she has turned the case over to Medicare’s malpractice investigation division ...

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Update of 3/17/15 Care Meeting and Ensuing Unplanned Meeting


On Tuesday, St. Patrick’s Day, we had Mom’s care conference. At the care conference were: Mom, myself, the charge nurse for her wing, a representative from activities, the rehab center social worker, the administrator, the dietitian, her MCO nurse, Her MCO social worker, a representative from PT, a representative from OT, and on the phone were her dialysis social worker, her dialysis dietitian, her dialysis nurse manager. PT and OT did a joint report and ...

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