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Caring for Grandparents

Read the blogs of those who care for grandparents.

Keeping Up the Status Quo


Our spring has been pretty short this season. We have already had very hot weather and that means those spring chores become uncomfortably hot chores! Elly’s back patio has been closed in for many years but really needs some updating. Last spring, we enclosed the long side with window screening and then wrapped it in plastic for the winter to keep out the elements. She is very resistant to change and tends to have strong ...

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Caring for My Elderly Grandparents


(Editor’s Note: We welcome a new blogger today–@mlun94, who just joined us this afternoon.) Well, I’ve never really blogged before so this is a tad bit new to me. To start off, I’m 20 years old and I care for my elderly grandparents. I never thought I’d being doing this, at least not this young. My grandpa is 87 years old, and my grandma is 80. when I first started out I thought this job ...

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Tough Decisions


I haven’t written lately for many reasons. I’m currently caring for my grandma. I’m in a position that is both familiar and completely different. My grandma has dementia, is mobile with help of a walker and help from someone walking next to her. She needs help with almost everything. That is my current situation. What I haven’t told many people is that I’ve chosen not to care for my grandma anymore. As you can imagine ...

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Negotiating Changes


Well, it was a nice short week for Spring Break. I work in a high school so I have the school holidays as well as my vacation time for getaways. AwesomeHubby and I went to the coast about three hours away, well, at first, not just the two of us, but for one day we treated a single mom and her girls to a day at the Central Coast beach. We have met them through ...

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Spring Days!

image (2)

Spring has sprung here in the central part of California. The apricot tree has bloomed and is putting out leaves. We’ll be thinning little apricots soon. Elly continues to be observant and struggles to control people and the situations around her. One of the areas of control has been Elly’s personal care. The only personal care she receives from me is leg care. Elly has kidney failure with about 20% kidney function. The result is ...

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Who’s In Control?


We’ve had our ups and downs lately. Elly is holding her own and feeling more out of control so she’s putting the screws to us in some areas. It’s just the little things that will explode into an argument. I seem to be able to navigate around the control issues put on me but AwesomeHubby just isn’t as tolerant these days. The explosive situation had happened while I was gone for a couple of hours ...

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He’s Always With Me

Photo 2014-04-14 09_21_10

Three months ago today Grandpa went to the hospital and didn’t come home. I miss him every day, some days it feels like the tears won’t stop and some days it’s laughter that brings Grandpa close. I would like to thank everyone for your kind words and support, your thoughts and prayers mean more to me than you’ll ever know. I would like to share with you all the words I spoke at my Grandpa’s ...

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Thankful for Friday!


Today ends a very complicated and hopefully productive week. It started out with the holiday from work for MLK Day since Awesome Hubby and I get those school-type holidays. Over the weekend, our house that is rented out while we live with Grandma Elly developed a serious situation with a water main leak in the backyard near the foundation. Monday was the day to attack the dirt and uncover enough good pipe to fix the leak ...

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I Wrote A Book! I Feel So Unnecessary: Adventures in Caregiving from a Granddaughter’s Perspective.


Genre: Non-fiction/Caregiving 41 pages Published on amazon January 8, 2015 Synopsis: A short book on my caregiving experiences with my sassy grandmother. It contains funny things she said, rants, and my thoughts on caregiving. I’ve also included some caregiving resources at the end. It does contain the word sh*t, it was my grandmother’s favorite word and me leaving it out just wouldn’t have been her. I decided to finally finish it and publish it because ...

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The last few months have been somewhat a blur of getting up, “doing” Grandma’s legs, going to work, making dinner, “doing” Grandma’s legs and falling into bed! It can’t really be that mundane but it feels like it. I have lost myself in some respects. I don’t take time just for things I need to do (Bible reading, exercise, novel reading). Awesome Hubby has been so tolerant of this schedule but I can see the ...

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