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Caring for Parents

Read the blogs of those who care for their parents.

Easter Weekend Isn’t Being Very Friendly


It started yesterday. My poor husband has been under the weather for the past few days. My mom started with it last weekend and my hubby had it and now my granddaughter has it. Poor thing can’t keep any in her tummy goes right through. I have had to put two diapers on her to insure that it doesn’t leak. This morning my younger brother went with me and my nephew and granddaughter to an ... Read More »

Entering the Witness Protection Program


(Editor’s Note: Today, we welcome a new blogger, Jan, who cares for her mom. Please connect with her on her profile page: @janshriver.) Becoming my mother’s full-time caregiver in January 2013 felt like entering the Witness Protection Program. Living alone after my dad passed in 2010, and without his constant care and upkeep to fill her days, she started showing sings of confusion, but she still functioned pretty well. She has very few physical problems ... Read More »

Pity Party for Myself


It’s been a tough two days with Mom on my back telling me what I am doing wrong with my granddaughter. My son decided he didn’t need to pay back the money we gave him to get his car fixed when he got his income taxes. He’s been promising since September and has been lying to us since February. His wife felt so bad she told us so our son is mad at the world. ... Read More »

What Am I Doing? Where Do I Go Now?

2048 madness

“Oh my word, what am I doing here?” I think that thought once too often it seems, perhaps more when I’m worried or stressed. Or maybe lost (physically, emotionally or spiritually). I’ve been going through a lot of back and forth lately with a certain one for which I care. Sometimes, heck a lot of the times, things are so overwhelming for both of us it’s truly crazy-ville. To calm myself, I clam up and ... Read More »

New Week


Well, it appears that this week is going to be okay. I have therapy twice a week and our granddaughter is with us five days a week. Today and tomorrow her parents are off, so we have two free days. My hubby is having his last show for the season; he does living history, the years from 1740 – 1850. He is a great teacher and can give talks for any age. He makes all ... Read More »

Almost Three Weeks Since and I Am Back!


Hi everyone, I am back after having back surgery, really feeling good, but as my husband reminds me don’t overdue it. While I was recovering my hubby and my mom worked great together. My poor husband had his hands full; he had me, Mom, our two-year-old granddaughter and everyone that was trying to find out how I was doing. First time in 34 years of marriage and many surgeries, this surgery I ask John to ... Read More »

New Adventures in Caregiving


Sorry I’ve been MIA the last few weeks. I’ve been working on taxes. Being self-employed I get to do all the “dirty work” before handing things into the accountant. One of those things is figuring out mileage. You would think I would do this throughout the year but NO I choose to do this all at one time. Last  year I promised myself that I would not wait until the last minute and instead would ... Read More »

The Accidental Gardener


It is very unfortunate that some medications combined with an illness can cause our caree to become delusional and lose track of time. This morning, my mom, Grace, thought she was up and gardening and hurt her knee. She laughed at me when I told her that she has arthritis. I had to go along with it and I told her the yard looked nice. I think my husband got angry because he spent all  morning mowing ... Read More »

Is It Over?!


That’s what I kept saying to myself yesterday afternoon on my drive back home. Is it over? Yes, for a bit. I’m talking about my respite time away. It was.wonderful. Perfectly stated in three words. It started with breakfast out (a rarity), then picking up a few “libations” to have at the cabin. The perfect day to  say the least. I posted pics earlier but not sure where they wound up. I may need to ... Read More »

Busy Week Coming Up


Well, something good and something not so good. My son and his wife were able to buy a new car in their own name, which neither one has been able to do for years. Yes, they got a high interest rate but that’s okay as long they keep up with the payment. Now to not so good. While my son and his family were here my oldest brother called and he needed for me to ... Read More »

Living in Limbo


Mom is living in limbo. She is stable right now and has been, with a few relatively minor issues, since she came home last December. Caregiving in this house is not the challenge of caring for someone with a life threatening disease, it’s not the kind of disease, whether acute or chronic, that has frequent medical crises, the balancing of new or changing medications and multiple diagnostic tests. The challenge, right now, of caregiving is ... Read More »

Mom and I Might Be Hospitalized


Well, I thought it might be a quiet week with hardly any doctors’ appointments. Well, that changed. First, Mom fell on Sunday and hurt her shoulder. So we are waiting for a call from her GP to tell us what to do. I received notice today that, after waiting for two years for Tricare prime care to say okay for my back surgery, I got the okay from my insurance today. So my surgery may ... Read More »

Using the Force with Oji Ben Kaknobby and Yoder


Today I took my dad to the store. He bought some Dove Dark Chocolate that he likes so well. Here’s his response to it and how love of Dove Chocolate led to talk of Star Wars: “Mmm, mmm. I’m glad I got some of this chocolate candy. I was punying away.” “You sure are talking a lot to be so puny,” I responded. “Hush. I was using that…what’s that thing they use on Star Wars? ... Read More »

If I Had a Sketch Pad…


Technically I could have kept the title I had earlier this week–Thawing Out–because we’re once again–HELLO!–thawing out! The forecast was for a little sleet/freezing rain and maybe a “dusting” of snow. Check out the picture of the dusting on the picture I’ve included. They missed this one by a long shot. Nothing different on days like this but I do feel more confined than normal and really shouldn’t because I probably wouldn’t be going out ... Read More »

Thawing Out


(Editor’s Note: Today, we welcome a new blogger to our team. You can connect with Lisa, who cares for her father, on her profile: @lisarae.) Well, here we go again, thawing out and melting away another short-lived winter event. Everyone here is so ready for spring. Except Daddy. He wants more snow cream. He was disappointed this time because unlike the last snow, this time there simply wasn’t enough to make a batch. I see ... Read More »

Three Pounds Overnight Or Six Pounds in a Week


Water everywhere and not a drop to drink is an appropriate title for this blog. I had coffee with my mother who suffers from heart issues (COPD), edema (excess fluid in the body) and several other medical issues. During our get-together she mentioned that during the past several days she added four pounds to her weight. Just before her double heart valve replacement surgery, Mom’s excess fluid pressed on the bottom of her lungs and ... Read More »

Caregiving, Communion and Computers


I am thankful that Denise has this site for us to share our stories, share resources and support each other. I think my real world support system sometimes has ulterior motives. Free food and computer repair to be exact. On Sundays, my mom’s deacon friends from her Baptist church bring her communion. They also bring her CDs of the church service. At first it was one kind older gentleman who I have known since I ... Read More »

Weekend is Here


We made it through this week with little hassle. Mom has been okay with a few exceptions but not anything I couldn’t handle. Tomorrow my hubby and I are celebrating our 34th anniversary of marriage. My daughter-in-law asked what we were going to do. We said we are going to Ocala to visit a place we want to go and told her we will bring our 5-year-old nephew with us. She didn’t think that was ... Read More »

An Update


Happy Wednesday! Father-in-law is going tomorrow for his six-month cancer check-up. He had colon surgery more than six years ago and has had these check-ups every six months. The past few that he has had have shown his C count is up but the pet scans have been clear. When we try to get more information from him he shuts down and is very indirect with us. Awesome Hubby is going although his father doesn’t ... Read More »

Is it Friday Yet???


My husband retired from the Army with 24 years in 1988 and I retired with 20 years in 1993. When we returned to the States we both found jobs and work until 2007. We both retired early because of my cancer and decided we wanted to travel around in our motor home. My hubby is from Oregon and his family lives there and in Nevada so when we traveled that far we tried to see ... Read More »

A Squeaky Clean Post


Cleaning… A never-ending job, but it must be done! Still, we resist, for one reason or another (the “I’ll get to it later”). But, the dirt/clutter beckons us near again. Sometimes it makes us happy, for you never know what treasure you may find; Sometimes sad because of memories invoked in objects of the past; Amazing how a little soapy water can make things (and people) new again; Or at least squeaky and pleasant to ... Read More »

Goodbyes, Hello, and Love


The two hardest things to say in life are hello for the first time and goodbye for the last — Moira Rogers I read the above quote this week and thought it a perfectly fitting expression. Several members of our caregiving family are dealing with the saying of goodbye and I know from past experience, this isn’t easy. My heart goes out to each and every one of you.  My only encouragement is to be ... Read More »