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Caring for Siblings

Read the blogs of those who care for siblings.



We had a hospice aide who provided excellent care for the 1-1/2 years that my MIL was in Hospice. She was great at all aspects of care–bed bathes, hair, nails, transferring, etc. and tidying up afterward. She did have some “issues” that didn’t affect her performance. She always put a couple things back where she thought they should be so rather than where I wanted them. I didn’t make a big deal out of it and just ...

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Where Do I Start?


Today is the 1 year anniversary of my mother’s death. But my mind isn’t on mom much. I’m in a place that I don’t even know how to describe… other than all over the place. You know that friend that knows all your secrets. The one that lets you sleep on the couch when you find out your ex is getting remarried. The one that holds your hand in your darkest hours. The one that drove ...

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After EXTREME Caregiving: A Sweet Farewell


After a month of full blown spring, a wet and chilly day seemed appropriate. The skies have been grey in Southern California the last few days. But it’s not so unusual because our local citrus fair is happening. Local lore is they built the fairgrounds upon Indian bural ground and during our yearly Orange Show it ALWAYS rains. The service was so nice. My cousin sung “Amazing Grace” and she has a beautiful voice and ...

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What Do You Do When You Wake Up Way Too Early?


Recently I had begun sleeping until 6:30 a.m–what a treat. That is an automatic wake-up, no alarms here. For the last several years, like clockwork, I would wake up at 5:30 a.m. no matter what time I went to bed, be it 10 p.m. or 2 a.m. There I would be, wide awake when there was no need to be up soooo early. Then of course there was the occasional day that I would actually sleep later, like the ...

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Totally Off Guard


I was going through my email a few days ago as I was watching TV with P. He sensed my mood changed and asked if I was OK. He doesn’t even have to be looking at me and he senses my moods. It is so wonderful to have a mate who is so connected and responsive. His query was all it took and tears just started rolling down my face. In my email was an advertisement for ...

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After EXTREME Caregiving: The Cycle of Life


When my 12-year-old nephew learned of SI’s passing, he took it upon himself to call me. He said, “Auntie, I heard aunt passed away, I’m sorry, but I also heard we’re getting a new baby cousin. So when one life ends, another begins! All in our family auntie, how cool is that?” Yep, once again, out of the mouths of babes, pearls of wisdom! At 3 a.m. we got the call from my cousin, who ...

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After EXTREME Caregiving: Adjusting


Even reading previous blogs of mine, I can’t beleve how everything changed so quickly. I was certain the week she got her reassessment March 12 we’d have to do it again in June. Even her nurses thought that. The only true indication was the purposfull falling. It’s been nearly two weeks since SIL passed. Routines are weird. Mom seemed to mourn the first week while I was okay but it’s kind of reversed. Me and ...

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Tonight we are under a Tornado Watch. “Big Bang Theory” was just interrupted with reports of a large wedge tornado on the ground in the Chicago suburbs. My first thought was getting prepared for safety and then realized P and I could just head to the basement. We didn’t have to worry about how to get my bedridden MIL down the basement. Caregiving reactions continue to pop up from time to time after nine months. She is ...

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A Tidbit of Info That’s Good to Know


Today I just wanted to share a tidbit that I have learned about generic drugs. I lost my full time job seven years ago and along with it medical insurance. I have a fantastic doctor who found alternative medications and generic drugs to keep my costs down. There was one exception–Synthroid brand name instead of the generic levothyroxine– that she wanted me to take.  This drug is for hypothyroidism which is pretty common in post-menopausal women. ...

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