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Caring for Spouse and Kids

Read the blogs of those caring for their spouse and raising children.

Early Onset Alzheimer’s at Age 48


(Editor’s Note: We welcome Andrea to our blogging team today. You can connect with Andrea on her profile page: @mimiluv44.) This is my first blog entry ever. I am 47 years old. My husband is 50 and was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease at age 48. It took three years for a correct diagnosis and two trips to Mayo clinic, each one year apart. We met when I was 17 and have three children, ages 27, ...

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…And to a Lesser Degree…

Heather today

I’m here too because I am a bit of a caregiver to my oldest daughter, Heather. She suffers from Panic/Anxiety Disorder. My husband also suffers from this (although after his bypass surgeries–because of greater blood-flow–he was actually pretty good, for awhile). In all truthfulness, all our children have at one time or another had an episode or two with panic/anxiety. Except for the oldest daughter, all have been able to overcome it without professional assistance ...

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So, This is Why I’m Here…Part 4


Mid-January 2006 we were back in the hospital. The doctors decided there was no waiting–another bypass had to be done. He was scheduled for surgery. Before surgery, the surgeon (who had done his first bypass and his mother’s bypass) decided to do an ultrasound of the carotids “just to be safe”. As my husband was antsy for surgery, there were delays. And more delays. His patience was wearing thin. Finally, the surgeon came into his ...

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So, This is Why I’m Here…Part 3


On Black Friday 2003, we got a call from the nursing home. My mother-in-law wasn’t doing well and the nurse thought she should be transported to the hospital. We gave permission and left to see what was wrong. Imagine our shock to find out from the ER staff that mom was severely dehydrated and possibly physically abused! It was touch and go for a few days but Mom was strong and pulled through. Again I ...

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So, This is Why I’m Here…Part 2


So with my husband’s bypass surgery in November 2001, I spent a lot of time in the hospital chapel while he was in the OR. Finally, the surgeon came to find me and let me know all was well. Another trip to the chapel for a prayer of thanks and I was off to the post-op area to see him. There is a special unit at our hospital where all the cardiac patients are post-surgery. ...

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Not This Time, Fortunately


He’s late. Tonight, he’s later than he’s ever been getting home from his art class. The rational side of me knows this is his only class this week and the teacher was going to tell them what is on the final. Maybe he needed help with his work. Maybe he had questions. Our son and I joke that he got detention. The irrational side of me feels ill. It’s planning what I need to grab ...

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Isn’t Yours a Life Worth Remembering?


Everyone is passionate about something. We all have a cause that inspires us and makes us want to change the world or at least that one aspect of the world. Mine is Alzheimer’s. You might wonder why a woman in her early 50’s, with an 18-year-old son, a 60-year-old husband, with both parents deceased would care about Alzheimer’s. It’s because in December 2009, my husband was diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment (MCI), a possible precursor ...

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Count It All Joy


When my husband finally returned home after spending five months in three different hospitals, my profound joy overshadowed any trepidation about the task ahead of me. I was determined that I could completely manage his care. Never mind that he was not yet able to stand or walk on his own, or that he was still receiving some nourishment through a feeding tube. Forget that I was unable to leave him alone since a brain ...

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The Doorbell Did Me In


I have been absent from blogging for a few months. A friend of my let me know the other day that he missed reading my blog. He’ll be happy. Our doorbell has been acting up for some time. By acting up I mean not working. And it’s probably been going on for over a year. I had talked to my husband about it. We have a wireless doorbell and had changed the batteries in both ...

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