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Community Caregiving VRide

Join us as we make virtual visits to family caregivers and walk, jog and ride our way to fitness.

The Road to Caregiver Health, and On to 2014


Ten months ago I had posted “Thirty Down!” That entry details how I had dropped 30 pounds and the impact of that weight loss. On December 17, I reached my goal of 51 pounds down. According to my calipers my body fat is at 27.6 percent: in the middle of the “ideal” range for a woman my age. The only difference between my new maintenance stage and my weight loss stage is that I get ... Read More »

Watch: Virtual Visit to Michelle


We’ve pedaled, walked, climbed and ran our way to have enough virtual miles to visit @micknews in Alexandria, Va. Watch our visit with Michelle and her fiance, John, below. And, please join our VRide! We log our day’s activities and then tally the minutes and miles so we can make virtual visits to our members. We’ve already made visits to see @Kathy in Arkansas (watch here) @RoaringMouse in Georgia (watch here) and Jane (@jbones1961) in ... Read More »

VRide Update: Join Our Cross-Country Trip


On January 18, we began our Community Caregiving VRide, which is about getting fit, staying motivated and making virtual visits to other family caregivers. We’ve tallied miles for our virtual VRide by walking, riding, climbing, shoveling (which I hope is now over), cleaning and jogging. As we rack up the miles, we hit the virtual highway to make our virtual visits. So far, we’ve made it to Orlando to see @jbones1961, to Atlanta to see ... Read More »

Sunday: Join Our Virtual Visit to Kathy


We’ve pedaled, walked, shoveled, climbed and ran our way to make it to @Kathy’s house. Our virtual visit will take place on Sunday, March 10, at 3 p.m ET. To watch our visit, just come back here on Sunday at 3 p.m. ET (2 p.m. CT, Noon PT). And, please join our VRide! We log our day’s activities and then tally the minutes and miles so we can make virtual visits to our members. We’ve ... Read More »

Sunday: Caregiving VRide Virtual Visit to Roaringmouse


We’ve pedaled, walked and ran our way to visit @roaringmouse. Our visit will take place on Sunday, March 3, at 3 p.m ET. To watch our visit, just come back here on Sunday at 3 p.m. ET (2 p.m. CT, Noon PT). Would you like to join our VRide? We’d love to have you with us. Ride your bike, pedal your stationary bike, walk, jog, take the stairs. Track your movement in our group’s forum ... Read More »

Thirty Down!


I reached a landmark on February 17. The number on my scale was 30 pounds less than what I had weighed on September 12, 2012. That averages out to a pound lost about every 5.26 days, or about 1.3 pounds a week. I had been exercising on my mini-bike since September 1, but had not weighed myself until the 12th, when I joined MyFitnessPal thanks to Chris. On Monday’s FitPASS call, Denise asked if I ... Read More »

Chris’ VRide Update Week 4


Vegetables are a must on a diet. I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread, and pumpkin pie. ~ Jim Davis This past week in dieting has been a challenge, but I have learned plenty of good lessons this week,too. Schedule Time for your exercise Adhere To Your Schedule Excuses are for whiner See # 1 While I make it a point to walk every day this week, I only got in 10 miles on the bike.  Why ... Read More »

Caregiving VRide Virtual Visit to Jane


We’ve pedaled, walked and ran our way to Jane’s house (@jbones1961). Watch our visit and share your questions and thoughts in our comments section, below. And, join our VRide!! And, if you’d like us to visit you, just send me an email. We’d love to stop to see you! Related Articles Get Ready for Our Virtual Ride ( Our Virtual Ride Begins Today ( It’s Time to Get Healthy with VRide ( VRide For Caregivers ... Read More »

VRide For Caregivers Health: Update Week 3


We are now moving into week three of our VRide to promote Caregivers Health. This week I logged just over 40 miles on the stationary bike and 10 miles on foot. While I did not expect to lose as much weight as I did in week 2, I am down one pound from last week. I thing that is an accomplishment considering we went to a Mardi Gras Party on Saturday Night. I will admit that I cheated just ... Read More »

VRide Week Two Update


We are now into week two of our VRide to promote caregivers’ health. This week I logged over 50 miles on the stationary bike and over 15 miles in walking distance. Every Sunday, I ‘weigh in’ and today after one week of activity, I am down six pounds.  During the first week of any exercise or weight management plan, it is not uncommon to lose more weight that is expected.  Health experts estimate that a ... Read More »

Day 8: Arrival!


But first — one more rest stop on my way to Jane’s: Wekiwa Springs State Park is close to Jane and has 13 miles of trails for hiking, bicycling, and horseback riding. I had just a few miles to go after yesterday’s ride, so I tooled around the park for another 7 miles before stopping by for our collective visit. This looks like a nice place for a mid-ride snack: The park is located at ... Read More »

Seventh Rest Stop: Maitland


On Day 4 I wrote here about attending a caregiver conference in 2011. That conference had occurred in Maitland, just outside Orlando. The conference returns to Maitland this year on January 31. Free to family caregivers, the one-day Fearless Caregiver Conference is organized by, which holds one-day conferences across the country. (If you hear my tongue slip on a podcast and I say Caregiver instead of Caregiving dot com — I know I’ve done ... Read More »

Sixth Rest Stop: Winter Garden


I have crossed into Orange County, the home of Orlando and Disney World! I reached Winter Garden about five miles into today’s ride. (The oranges are from my neighbor’s tree. Obviously one had gotten itself a cap since I last checked.) The postcard shows Winter Garden’s clock tower, backdropped by the historic Edgewater Hotel, now a bed-and-breakfast inn. Long before Disney opened his first theme park, Winter Garden had the Garden Theatre. The theater first ... Read More »

Fifth Rest Stop: Lake County


Greetings from Lake County! There’s a lot of water here! About 1,400 named lakes. If I fished here I could go after largemouth bass, bluegill, and crappie. (Original photo from Or I could play golf and hit balls into all the water hazards. Or I could go birding! As the postcard shows, last September Lake County held its inaugural Wings and Wildflowers Festival. They’re doing it again this year: Lake County has a great ... Read More »

Fourth Rest Stop: Okahumpka Service Plaza


Back in 2011 I attended a caregiver conference in Orlando. On my way home I stopped at the Okahumpka Service Plaza for gas and a bite to eat. While there, I called my partner to give her an estimate of when I’d be home. My partner has renamed the service plaza, “Okahumpka and Uncle Whizzy.” So that’s what we call it. It’s one of two service plazas on Florida’s Turnpike between I-75 and Orlando. I’ve ... Read More »

East Less, Move More


One of the main components to losing weight is a simple theme that I like to follow: Eat Less, Move More! There are quite a bit of diets out there for us to follow; believe me, I’ve tried a lot of them. But all diets come back to one thing: Eat Less, Move More! Another trick I learned years ago was to use smaller plates. This morning I made a two egg omelet with spinach and ... Read More »

Third Rest Stop: IHOP in Wildwood!


Okay, I admit it — I was feeling a little nervous getting onto I-75 so soon and barreling over to the left-hand lane to get onto Florida’s Turnpike. I’m nervous sometimes when I do that in my car. So I needed to fortify myself. And I remembered Sunshine=Sometimes’s suggestion to stop at an IHOP during my trip. So here I am! — about five miles farther down the road from my stop in Rutland yesterday. ... Read More »

Second Rest Stop: Rutland, FL


On Day 2 of my trip I crossed out of Citrus County and into Sumter County. Rutland is just over the county line, about 23 miles from the start of my journey. The postcard shows a boat ramp in Rutland Park, on Lake Panasoffkee — though the lake is actually over nine miles to the southeast of town. Rutland borders the Withlacoochie River to the southwest. I crossed that river to get here. My Day ... Read More »

First Rest Stop: Inverness, FL


Greetings from the seat of Citrus County! This postcard shows the city’s iconic building, its Old Courthouse Heritage Museum. Once the county courthouse, the building is now a history museum and home of the Citrus County Historical Society. It’s a short walk from City Hall and municipal parking lot. (Just recently the municipal lot converted a couple of spots to recharging stations for electric vehicles. Cool!) The City of Inverness also appeared in Elvis Presley’s ... Read More »

It’s Time to Get Healthy with VRide


We do not have to do it alone! As caregivers, we often put own personal needs second, which often turns into weight gain or other calamities which can affect our health. I’ve been there!   There is an  estimated 65.7 million caregivers in the U.S. Research tells us that caregiving can have serious physical health consequences. In fact, 17% of caregivers feel their health in general has gotten worse as a result of their caregiving ... Read More »

Greetings From The Nature Coast!


Welcome to the Community VRide! (To read more about it, go here.) Bike? Check. Water bottle? Check. Towel? Check. Cooling fan? Check. Music and headphones? Check. Here’s a tune to start me off. I’m taking off for Jane’s! VRide co-founder Chris is bicycling up from southeast Florida. I’m bicycling down from the northwest part of the peninsula, from what is called the Nature Coast. Jane is 98 miles from me. I’ll report in along ... Read More »

Our Virtual Ride Begins Today


We begin our journey today. Our Community Caregiving vRide is about getting fit, staying motivated and making virtual visits to other family caregivers. Our first visit will be to Jane; Chris and ejourneys, who both will be riding stationary bikes, will map our route and determine when we’ll arrive at Jane’s home. When we arrive, we’ll enjoy a video chat (more details to follow). How, you probably think, can I participate in something that seems ... Read More »