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Join Our Five-Day Gratitude Challenge


In September, we held our very first Five-Day Gratitude Contest. It went so well that it’s now a regular event. Our next Five-Day Gratitude Challenge begins Monday (May 25) and ends Friday (May 29). For five days this week, stop by our Forum and list a gratitude. Visit the Gratitude Challenge in our Forum and add your gratitude for the appropriate day: May 25 May 26 May 27 May 28  May 29

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On the Third Saturday, Wear Green and Walk


As you know, we’re wearing green to be seen on the third Saturday of every month. We’re wearing green to: Help you start a conversation about your caregiving experience. Connect you with other family caregivers. Help you share support with other family caregivers. Lessen the loneliness of the caregiving experience. This weekend, I realized that we can do more than just wear green on the third Saturday. We can organize monthly walks in our communities ...

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Final Push: Sign Our Petition for the CDC to Track Family Caregiver Stress


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released statistics last week about deaths from unintentional injury among adults 65 years of age and older. These incredibly valuable statistics point to the value of prevention and awareness. And, yet, we know very little about the family members who care for those over 65 who need help to stay well and safe. In fact, we know very little about any individual who provides care to a family ...

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This Memorial Day, Bring Flowers to a Family Caregiver


This Memorial Day, remember those who care for those who served. Bring flowers to a family caregiver. When you care for a family member or friend with a chronic illness, your world gets smaller. And, so does your family member’s. Family caregivers feel isolated in their role. They feel bogged down by their responsibilities, so much so that they find it hard to find time to socialize with family members and friends. And, their carees ...

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Because You Care, Wear Green on the Third Saturday


In her post last week, Sharon, who cares for her mom, writes about her experiences wearing our “I’m a Family Caregiver; What’s Your Superpower?” t-shirt. Strangers approach her to tell her their stories of caregiving. On April 17, when we wore green to be seen, Sharon received a hug from a stranger because of her t-shirt. Once a year, we’ve been wearing green to be seen. Sharon’s experience convinced me we need to wear green ...

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Solitaire Showdown Is Today!


Solitaire Showdown happens today! I wipe the LeaderBoard clean at Noon ET (11 a.m. CT, 9 a.m. PT). High score eight hours later wins a spot in December Championship Play-Off! Join our Solitaire Showdown group and talk smack during our play. Good luck and have fun!!

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May 1 First Photo Project


A photo, they say, is worth a thousand words. On the first day of every month, we share a photo of our day. Since we started our First Photo Project in September, members have posted photos of equipment, of carees, of a masked family caregiver at dialysis. Last month, @lillie posted a photo of her fortune which she received after a brief break she enjoyed on April 1. On May 1, take a photo during your ...

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Your Roadmap to $100


As you know, we’ve got cash ($100!) and prizes to give away in May. For a chance to win, you’ll want to complete the following steps at some point during the month of May: Comment on eight blog posts; Send 8 friendships requests to any 8 members; Reply to eight forum topics; Reply to eight updates in our activity stream. To help you get accomplish those steps, I’ve created some scenarios to help: 1. Read eight ...

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Call for Submissions: Your Recipes (and Memories) for our Cookbook


We want you to bring us into your kitchen. We’d love to include your recipes, your caree’s recipes and your specialties in a Caregiving Cookbook we’re working toward publishing this fall. @lillie and @marfromwi are spearheading our Caregiving Cookbook and created a special section (Caregiving Cookbook) in our Forums. Lillie and Mar regularly post prompts to remind you of the recipes and dishes you have which would be wonderful additions to the Cookbook. Even better, the proceeds ...

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Visit Our Zentangle Art Show

Jean No. 3. "Another one. I have to stop. This is addictive."

Our very first Zentangle Art Show opens today! Our show features Zentangles (deliberate doodles) created by current and former family caregivers. Jean, who cared for her parents and in-laws submitted the piece.shown here. (Update: Jean won with this piece. Congrats, Jean!) During our Zentangle Art Show please vote for your favorite piece; the winning artist will receive a $25 gift card. Voting ends at midnight on April 26. We’ll announce our winner on April 27. ...

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