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Caregiving Happiness Project

Caregiving Happiness Project: Try


Even a busy day can be a boring day. It’s the same every day, even as you race through to get it all done. So, this month for our Caregiving Happiness Project, let’s try something new every day. Or, as often as we can, let’s color outside our comfort zone. Let’s try new dishes (look to our Caregiving Cookbook Forum for inspiration), a new solution, a new route to the same ol’ place, a new ...

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Caregiving Happiness Project: Dreaming


Somehow, your dreams may have gotten too connected to caregiving. Your hopes and aspirations seem contingent on what happens next in caregiving. This month, we’re putting the focus back on our dreams. Do you dream of having a book published? Landing your dream job? Finishing your degree? Completing a marathon? Maybe the dream is one for your distant future. That’s okay–there’s no better time than the present to put your dream into your heart and ...

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Caregiving Happiness Project: March


This month in our Caregiving Happiness Project, we’re connecting. Caregiving can isolate. So, this month, let’s do what we can to connect ourselves and our carees to solutions, support, successes. You could connect by making an effort to meet other members on, by joining a community support group or by attending an event at your library. You can create connections for your caree online, within your family, in your community. So, this month, let’s ...

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Caregiving Happiness Project: February Action


This month in our Caregiving Happiness Project, we’re being deliberate. I think about how much I rush through the day or activities or interactions. When I look back, it all looks like a blur. So, this month, let’s be deliberate. Let’s be present in our moments, being aware of our words, actions and relationships. By being deliberate, we focus on our moments. Let’s be deliberate–let’s be wise in the words we choose and the time ...

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In February, We’re Sending Love


In February, let’s write love letters. For our monthly challenge in February, let’s write a love letter (or letters) every day. You can write a love letter a day to your caree, a love letter to a different person each day or a love letter to yourself. Your love letters can be romantic, platonic, poems, gratitudes, one lines or multiple pages. You can send an email or text or card or letter. You can put ...

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January Events that Entertain, Energize and Encourage


We’ve got several events planned for you during the month of January: 2015 Goals: Tell us about your goals and then track your weekly progress in our 2015 Goals Forum. Book Club: This month, we’re reading Being Mortal by Atul Gawande. We’ll discuss the book in our chat room on Sunday, January 25, at 4 p.m. ET (3 p.m. CT, 1 p.m. PT). Caregiving Happiness Project: Better: Our word for our Caregiving Happiness Project is ...

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Happiness Project: January Action


We begin another month, which means another opportunity to increase our happiness during a time, like caregiving, that can feel really unhappy. In January, we’re focusing on better for Caregiving Happiness Project. Every day, we’re going to ask ourselves, How can I feel better? Then, we’re going to take action to reach better. We’re also tracking what we do to feel better so we can remind ourselves that we can feel better and we have ...

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Happiness Project: November Action


We begin another month, which means another opportunity to increase our happiness during a time, like caregiving, that can feel really unhappy. This morning, let’s fix. Something’s broken in your house, your car, your life. This month, let’s focus on fixing. In order to fix, you may need to ask for help, you may need to hire help, you may need to face a fear. Leaving something broken becomes clutter in your day. Let’s fix ...

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Happiness Project: October Action


We’re heading into our holiday season and our winter months. I thought it would be helpful to get ready for them by making our lives simpler. So, for our October, our action work in our Caregiving Happiness Project is minimize. You could minimize your closets, your To Do lists, your time spent worrying. You could minimize the energy you put into relationships which do not honor you, the money you put into activities you no ...

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Happiness Project: September Action


With September’s arrival, we look to new beginnings. September feels like a month about starting. So, for this month, let’s begin by weeding. Yes, weeding. Let’s weed out what no longer works, the relationships which no longer serve us, the thoughts which only hold us back. Let’s make room for our starts by weeding out what keeps us in our past. Please share your goals about wedding in our comments section, below. And, keep us ...

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