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Weekly Comforts

Our weekly comforts will warm your day.



Oh, you have moments when you wish for different, when you wish you had what another family member or a neighbor or a co-worker has. If you were the same as them, you would have an easy life, a carefree life, an ideal life. Sure, the grass looks greener. But, it still needs to mowed and watered and fertilized. Wishing for what others have also means exchanging your problems for another. And, while it appears their ...

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If only you could kick back, recline in the La-Z-Boy, give your feet, your mind, your body a break. But, because of the declines, you have to keep going. The credit card got declined which means you have to figure out another way to pay for what you need. Your caree’s declines continue which means you have to pick up the pieces hoping you’ll be able to fill in the holes. You can feel your ...

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You didn’t bargain for this. That money has become so tight that you constantly hunt for a bargain. That you have to bargain with some family members just to get them to stop by for a few minutes to visit with your caree. That you realize your once good friend–who now pooh-poohs your caregiving responsibilities–really is no bargain. Caregiving has become a big deal. It’s certainly not a piece of cake. It’s absolutely not just ...

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Caregiving seems to take all your best guesses. Will this treatment work? Will this equipment work? Will the wheelchair fit in the car? Will we make it to the bathroom in time? Will the doctor return our call today? Will they take good care of my caree? And, the worst: When will this end? How will this end? Will I be okay when this ends? It can feel like one big guessing game all tied ...

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You just know. Which means others will ask, But how could you know? The questions put the doubt in your mind and in your heart. What if you’re wrong? What if you just don’t know? Who are you to know? Others will doubt because they can’t possibly know all you know. You know because you are there, you are learning, you are researching, you are listening, you are advocating, you are pushing for better. Because ...

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Sometimes the thud comes from your caree. Sometimes the thud come from you. Sometimes, the thud comes from both of you. A family member, scheduled to visit your caree, is a no-show. Thud. Your hearts fall. You so wish you could catch your caree’s heart and spare her the pain. The doctor delivers more bad news. Thud. Your hearts fall too far and too fast for either of you to catch. The home health aid ...

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That piece of equipment seems too ornery to manage. Until it dawns on you how to work it. That dietary restriction seems, well, too restrictive. Until it dawns on you that you have options that will nourish your caree. That instruction sheet for your caree’s new medication regime seems too complicated for a lay person like you. Until it dawns on you are no lay person–you are an expert in overseeing and providing care to ...

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Somehow, the two of you got dragged into this. You fought it. You tried to bribe it to go away. You prayed for it to leave. But it stays. Illness and its friend, caregiving, are a total drag. Party poopers, if you will. They weigh you down. Hold you back. Keep you up at night. But it’s the life you have. So, you decide they are a drag but you won’t be. You’ll do your ...

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If the path before you was clear, you would feel better. If you could just clear your clutter, you would feel better. If you could clear your mind of worries, you would feel better. If you could clear your heart of sorrows, you would feel better. If only you had clear instead of muddy, rocky, slippery, steep. How do you get beyond the clutter, worries and sorrows to clear? How do you get past the ...

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It’s not here. You may not even be able to see it coming. But, it feels like it sits right next to you at dinner. It walks with you when you get out to take a break. Even worse, it wakes you up (actually, it shakes you up) in the middle of the night. It’s the awful dread. You’re dreading what’s to come. And, it’s not like your imagination is running wild or you’re overreacting ...

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