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Photo Galleries

Our photo galleries feature you, you and your caree, and your caregiving day.

The First Photo Project

G-J submitted this photo for our A Caregiving Day in Photos gallery. On Sundays, she organizes her husband's meds for the week.

About two years ago, we created a gallery called, “A Caregiving Day in Photos.” members shared photos that became a 24-hour view of a caregiving day. I’ve wanted to find a way to continue to show what caregiving looks like. @lofestruck, a member, regularly shares photos of her grandfather’s appointments and activities. I asked her yesterday, “Do you have an album of photos that shows the journey over time? Your photos are a ...

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A Photo Gallery: Your Carees

Jerry is married to Willow.

Last week during our all member chat, @willow62 asked if she could share a photo of Jerry, her husband and caree, that I could post on the site. Which made me think: Why not create a photo gallery of carees, just like we have with our Faces of Caregiving and our Caregiving Day in Photos? I’ll also create a Pinterest board for your carees. (I’m still working on the Pinterest board for our Caregiving Day ...

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A Caregiving Day in Photos


What’s a day of caregiving look like? Our members contributed photos of their day to our Caregiving Day in Photos slideshow. Just click on a photo to begin the show. Thanks to Chris, Dana, ejourneys, EllysGdaughter, G-J, Jane, Pegi and Trish for their terrific photos. Would you like to contribute to our 24-hour day? Email me your photos along with the time and brief explanation of what’s going on. I’ll add your photos to our ...

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The Faces of Caregiving

Pegi and her husband.

Every day, about 65 million Americans help a parent, partner, spouse, sibling, child, friend or grandparent suffering from a chronic illness or disability. They may help in their home or in a family member’s home or in a nursing home. Our Faces of Caregiving introduces you the family caregivers all around you. Family caregivers are your neighbors, co-workers, friends. They stand in front of you in the grocery store and sit next to you in ...

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