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Six-Word Stories

In Six Words, What Makes You Mad?


A few of new members shared about the anger they feel in their profile pages. Caregiving can give you a ton of reasons to be mad. The problem is you often can feel guilty for getting angry. You may feel like a terrible person because you get mad at how many times you repeat the same answer to your caree. Or you may feel like an absolute heel that it makes you mad that you ... Read More »

In Six Words, What’s Your Greatest Caregiving Challenge?


I often hear experts on caregiving speak about your experiences and problems. I often wonder if they are hitting the mark. Do they really understand your greatest challenges as you care for your family members and friends? I’d love to hear your greatest challenge(s) in your words. And, just for fun, let’s do it in six words. A caregiving challenge in six words could sound like this: Not enough money for everyone’s needs Too much ... Read More »

In Six Words, How Does Caregiving Loneliness Feel?


This morning, the Today Show featured a segment from Maria Shriver about the impact of Alzheimer’s disease on women. A study released today by the Alzheimer’s Association reports that three out of five of those living with Alzheimer’s are women. And, women make up about 60% of those who care for a family member with Alzheimer’s. The segment included an interview with a spouse who cares for her husband. One of her first comments about ... Read More »

In Six Words, How Do You Define “Friend”?


A benefit of managing our community is watching the friendships between our members bloom and grow. I see such kindness in your friendships–in our chatroom, on Facebook, on Twitter, through your comments. I find your relationships with each other to be both inspiring and comforting. I think a family caregiver knows how to be a good friend because, well, so many good friends simply disappeared. I’d love to know your definition of a friend. And, ... Read More »

In Six Words, What Are You Over?


I’m so over winter. Yes, you, winter. You can have your below-zero temperatures, your wind chill warnings, your tarnished blanket of snow. Oh, yes, you can have my parka, my ski hat and my warm red mittens. I am over you. I’d love to know: What are you over? And, tell me what you’d love to see in your rear view mirror in six words, like this: I’m over the never-ending laundry. I’m sooooo over ... Read More »

In Six Words, How Do You Describe Caregiving Stress?


Last night’s #carechat on Twitter focused on stress–what makes the caregiving experience so stressful, how unprepared you can be to manage that level of stress and how to cope with it. Last night’s chat inspired today’s six-word story request. I’d love to know, in six words, how you describe your caregiving stress. Examples include: My heart will fall out. My palms will sweat an ocean. In our comments section below, please tell us your six-word ... Read More »

In Ten Words, How Would You Describe Your Life Path?


“If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.” ― Woody Allen Our life path never takes the turns we think it will. So, I’m curious, how would you describe your life path? And, for fun, tell us about your life path in 10 words. Mine is: Writing led to helping which led to broadcasting caregiving stories. I’ll choose a random winner from our comments to receive a copy of Good Morning! ... Read More »

In Six Words, What’s It Like to Fight Red Tape?


I’m kinda in a battle this week with a non-profit who only wants to do work if they receive grant to do the work. In other words, they actually receive a salary to do work but they’ll only really do work if they receive more money to do it. Sigh. Larry’s update and his debacle getting paid reminds me that red tape surrounds us all. And, that red tape just sticks more frustration and aggravation ... Read More »

In Six Words, While You Wait, What’s the Doctor Doing?


This morning, I’m a WAIT Buddy for one of our members, who finds herself waiting for the surgeon. What in the world do these doctors and surgeons do that make us wait, I wondered? So, let’s create six-word stories that explain what a doctor does during our waits. A six-word story could be: He’s folding laundry for his wife He’s finishing a bacon-and-egg breakfast She’s heading toward the ninth hole What’s yours? Share your six-word ... Read More »

In Six Words, What’s Your Happy Ending?


I recently read a great article on NPR, Editing Your Life’s Stories Can Create Happier Endings. The article offers great tips to help you through the leftover shame or bitterness or grief of your life’s traumatic events. By working through the experiences of your past, you can give yourself a better ending; rather than succumbing to a situation, you can now find the perspective that helps you overcome it. Fascinating. Let’s give ourselves a happier ... Read More »

In Six Words, What’s Hard about the Holidays?


We hope the holidays will be easy. The reality, though, is that much can happen during the holidays which make them difficult. A hospitalization, a decline, a family feud can make a holiday season feel a bit like, well, hell. For you, what’s hard about the holidays? Tell us about your holiday hardship. And, because we could all use a bit of fun, please share in six words so it sounds like this: We are ... Read More »

In Six Words, What Does a Good Day Sound Like?


While we have sights and sounds around us all day, I think our focus goes to what see. Today, let’s talk about what we hear. Specifically, what do you hear that means today is a good day? And, for fun, let’s share the sounds of a good day in six words. Your six-word story about a good day could be: Laughter fills the room, my heart. The phone didn’t ring all day. They listened with ... Read More »

In Six Words, What Are You Tired Of?


Well, I’ll be honest. I’m tired. I’m tired of trying, of problems, of sleepless nights, of my own pep talks, of worrying about ending a question with a preposition, of too much and too little. I know I’m not the only one who’s tired. So, I’d love to hear from you: What you tired of? And, just to add a little fun, let’s share our weary in six words, like this: I’m tired of the ... Read More »

In Six Words, What Have You Discovered About Yourself?


In honor of Columbus Day, let’s talk about discoveries. Specifically, what you’ve discovered about yourself because of caregiving. And, let’s do it in six words. So, your six-word discovery about yourself could be: I’m a tough cookie when challenged. I relish the opportunity to create. I choose my friends more carefully. Share your six-word story about your self-discovery during caregiving in our comments section, below. We’ll choose a random winner to receive A Caregiving Comfort ... Read More »

In Six Words, How Do You Describe Yourself?


Caregiver, parent, spouse. We live in a world that uses words to describe who we are. Are these the words that you would choose? I wonder: What are the words you use to describe who you are? In six words, please tell us who are you are. You can use single words or a six-word sentence to describe yourself. You can create as many six-descriptions as you’d like. I look forward to reading who are ... Read More »

In Six Words, What Would You Say?


I think about the times in life where we feel a loss for words–either because of anger, shock, sadness, embarrassment or love. So, today, let’s give ourselves a chance to say what we couldn’t. And, let’s do it in six words. Your six words could sound like this: Walk in my shoes before judging. Thank you for showing the way. You were right. What are yours? You can tell us who you would like to ... Read More »

In Six Words, How Do You Relax?


It’s National Relaxation Day today. So, let’s talk about how we relax. And, for fun, let’s do it in six words. Your six-word story about relaxation could be: Me, US Weekly, the couch, music. When I walk, I relax. In six words, how do you relax? Please share in our comments section, below. Related Articles The Checklist ( What’s Your Six-Word Story About Your Last Tempter Tantrum? ( Just What the Doctor Ordered ( In ... Read More »

What’s Your Six-Word Story About Your Last Tempter Tantrum?


I’m hot today because it’s hot outside. Thinking about heat leads me to think about over-heating which makes me think of temper tantrums. I’m not sure where a six-story story fits in here but that was my next thought. So, I’d love to know: What’s your six-word story about your last temper tantrum? It could be: I HATE this catheter. Yes, HATE. I want a different life. NOW! It’s not fair. AT ALL. EVER. What’s ... Read More »

In Six Words, How Do You Define a Saint?


So, today, we’ve have two more saints–John Paul II and John XXIII. As with all appointments, the Catholic Church follows a process of choosing saints, including that the individual performed one miracle. (You can read more about the process, called canonization, here.) Because you are regularly called a saint (“You must be a saint to…”), I thought it would be great to hear how you define a saint. And, because I’m hooked on six-word stories, ... Read More »

In Ten Words, How Does Your Caregiving Day Start?

6 a.m. in Dana's house: "After giving my husband a bed bath, changing his catheter, and transferring him into his wheelchair, we're up for the day, and I make the bed while he brushes his teeth and empties his leg bag. Next: breakfast."

I think a family caregiver starts a day like no other. You’re not just starting your day, you’re also starting the day of your caree (or carees) and perhaps your kids. So, I’d love to know more about how your day starts–your tasks, your priorities, your time constraints, your pressure, your favorite breakfast. And, for fun, I’d love to know what’s it like in ten words. (I’m giving you four bonus words for this one. ... Read More »

In Six Words, What’s a Caregiving Day?


Last week, @G-J and @jbones1961 interviewed me for our Friday video chat. During our show, G-J asked me: What’s a day like for you? Which makes me wonder: What’s a caregiving day like for you? And, I’ve love to learn about your day in six words. You can create as many six-word descriptions of your day as you need. And, because every day can be different, please feel free to describe as many days as ... Read More »

In Six Words: What’s Receiving?


Over the past few days, we’ve had great discussions about receiving. Last Saturday, Cheryl had an ah-ha moment about asking for help (in essence, receiving help) during Table Talk (Give It Up and Start Living Life!!). On Tuesday, Don shared on Your Caregiving Journey (Minding Our Caregiving Matters) that he began his blog with the hope of encouraging other men to feel more comfortable asking for help during a vulnerable time, like caregiving. And, then, ... Read More »