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Life Line

Denise shares tips to help the days feel easier.

A Life Line: Our Most Important Work Happens Outside the Cube


When our companies give us flexible work schedules, we can be available when life calls us to do our most important work. If this Life Line, I reflect on our life’s most important work, which happens outside the cube. You can read more about my thoughts on Yahoo’s decision to require workers to report to an office here. What do you think? Please share your experiences in our comments section, below. Resources The Caregiving Years ... Read More »

Help! I Just Realized My Mom Needs Help!


The holidays bring presents, family visits and, often, a realization that a family member, such as a parent or grandparent, with a chronic illness needs more help. ARGH! How in the world will you able to do this? It’s intimidating to think about stepping in to help a family member with a chronic illness. You’re stepping into a whole new world of doctors, treatments, community providers. And, worries. Lots of worries. It’s a strange place ... Read More »

A Life Line: By Then, I’ll Be Too Old


In caregiving, time can seem to pass too slowly. Until you think about time as it relates to your life. And, then you may worry: “I’ve lost my life in caregiving; I’ll be too old to achieve what I want.” In this Life Line, I offer a perspective on “too old.”   Updates Our Caregiving Summer School, Session II, starts next week! Our classes will help you understand where you’ve been so you can plan ... Read More »

A Life Line: The Worst


In a caregiving role, you may find yourself thinking: This is the worst. My life is the worst life ever. I’ve been thinking, What’s the worst thing that can happen? In this Life Line, I offer my perspective on what really is the worst thing that can happen to us. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section, below. Read More »

A Life Line: Three Wishes


Today, I introduce a new feature on the site called Life Lines. On a regular basis, I’ll share tips, words of wisdom and insights to help you manage life. Here’s the first, called Three Wishes: Resources Schedule a coaching call with Denise–your first coaching call is free. With Denise as your coach, you tackle a tough situation, press through a problem, or make a decision about a dilemma. Or, you just learn coping skills to ... Read More »