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Table Talk Live: Chris, Ejourneys and Jane (Plus Carees!)

Chris, working at his computer, just minutes before I published this blog post. I'm sitting on the porch working.

I’m in South Florida this weekend. Chris (@thpurplejacket) invited me for a visit and I had a credit with Southwest Airlines so how could I say “No” to a reprieve from an endless Chicago winter? (Interestingly enough, I had a credit on Southwest because of my trip last year to see @trish and @kreisler.) I arrived on Thursday and had a wonderful evening with Chris and his partner, The Little One. On Friday, Chris and ...

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Table Talk Live with Jane


On Sunday, Bette and I paid a visit to Jane, who lives in Orlando. I sat down with Jane and asked her about dinner, caregiving and how life is different for her now. You can watch our interview, below. And, here’s a photo of what we had for dinner:               Special thanks to Abrah, Bette’s daughter, who edited our interview. Thanks, Abrah, you made the video awesome! Related Articles ...

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