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Table Talk Live: Chris, Ejourneys and Jane (Plus Carees!)

Chris, working at his computer, just minutes before I published this blog post. I'm sitting on the porch working.

I’m in South Florida this weekend. Chris (@thpurplejacket) invited me for a visit and I had a credit with Southwest Airlines so how could I say “No” to a reprieve from an endless Chicago winter? (Interestingly enough, I had a credit on Southwest because of my trip last year to see @trish and @kreisler.) I arrived on Thursday and had a wonderful evening with Chris and his partner, The Little One. On Friday, Chris and ... Read More »

Table Talk Live: Trish and Richard


As you know, Trish scheduled me to present two caregiving seminars in Sacramento last week. Bette traveled with me and helped us organize the seminars and the trips. Last Sunday, I gave a workshop called “Your Truth and the Team”; over a period of three hours, we discussed the private truth we carry in our hearts and how to uncover that truth to get the help we need. We had a terrific session with wonderful ... Read More »

Table Talk Live with Jane


On Sunday, Bette and I paid a visit to Jane, who lives in Orlando. I sat down with Jane and asked her about dinner, caregiving and how life is different for her now. You can watch our interview, below. And, here’s a photo of what we had for dinner:               Special thanks to Abrah, Bette’s daughter, who edited our interview. Thanks, Abrah, you made the video awesome! Related Articles ... Read More »