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I'm Gary, in my late 40s, and I wear many hats. Currently, I am primary caregiver to my elderly widowed mom; I work full-time as an administrator in a large academic division in a Boston community college; on a freelance basis, I consult as an Italian>English translator and editor of written documents and website content for clients and companies; September 2009 marks the start of my online graduate program in Gerontology with Aging Services Management Track; I'm diagnosed for many years with IBS-C, diverticultis, and a history of abdominal adhesions and related surgeries; and I love life, laughing, dreaming, and music (especially) Motown, and I hope to be able to balance and live and enjoy all of these more with my increasing caregiving responsibilities and challenges.

Happy Easter!


Image via Wikipedia Hello, today I wanted to remember all of us and wish everybody celebrating Easter that they and their caregivers or caregiven have as special and as tranquil a holiday as is possible. And for those here of us who do not celebrate Easter, still I wish for you the realization of the rebirth, new beginnings, life, and confirmation of hope which make up the spirit of this holiday. It’s a weird, difficult ... Read More »

Sad and Angry


Today, I’m feeling sad and angry. My late brother, my only sibling who was 10 years my senior, would’ve been 57-years-old today. It’s hard for one to reflect on being 15 years “older” than his late sibling was when he died. And this was so much crap at work, and my mother whining on the phone about things last night which, in her defense, also had to do with her not feeling well which isn’t ... Read More »

Unwinding and Refocusing


The last few days have given me a chance to unwind, refocus on my goals, and to get a little bit of bigger-picture insight into my mom caregiver role. Friday evening, I dined out with a high school-era friend and current education work colleage, whose family is going through this, too: his 92-year-old dad is still alive, but the mom has Alzheimer’s and needs 24/7 home care. We traded stories. I realiced that in addition ... Read More »

Updates from Gary


Hi, all.  Sorry I’ve been away for a long bit.  I feel like the last 2 months “happened,” but I “didn’t.”  Make sense?  As if I was on autopilot.  I don’t remember the Holidays — I had a diverticulitis flareup.  Luckily, my gastroenterologist turned me on to a new medicine, Dyciclomene, which is an antispasmodic and decreases the contractions in the colon that make colitis and IBS painful.  I was really grateful.  I’ve begun seeing ... Read More »